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UK Society for Behavioural Medicine

Membership provides an exciting opportunity for interdisciplinary cross-fertilisation and exchange of ideas between behavioural scientists working in different disciplines. UKSBM has a specific focus on the importance of behaviour in health and medicine.

Why Join the UKSBM?

Full Membership

Full Membership confers the privilege of voting and holding office. The requirements of full membership are a) that the member is resident in, a citizen of, or working in, the United Kingdom and b) completion of an undergraduate degree and/or completion of relevant clinical training. Commercial conflicts of interest may be considered with regard to committee membership.

Student/Trainee Membership

Student/Trainee membership is reserved for those who are enrolled in a course of accredited study or training, full-time or part-time. Student/trainee members pay a reduced fee. The supervisor/tutor must sign the application form to verify status at the time of membership application/renewal each year. Part-time students who are concurrently employed in a clinical capacity are not eligible for student membership.

Associate Membership

Associate membership provides membership for those who agree with the purpose and objectives of the UKSBM but who do not meet the requirements of full membership. Associate members do not have voting or office-holding privileges. Membership fee is the same as full membership.


Private or commercial organizations judged by the governing body to be supporting the goals of the UKSBM may become a Benefactor.

Membership Fees

Membership status is awarded to individuals based on the information provided on their application. Individual memberships are not transferable. Membership does not certify competence in behavioural medicine and cannot be used as an indication of competence in any representation to the public.

Full and student members have the right to vote on the main policy or administrative issues of the UKSBM.

 UKSBM new membership application prices are on a pro-rata basis and will update on the 1st of each month.

Your membership will be valid from the date of payment being received and will be due for renewal on 1st of December.

If you wish to join the UKSBM please complete the form below. If you have any queries please contact us via the hotline on 01332 227770.

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