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Transpersonal Psychology Section Annual Conference 2019 - Transpersonal Psychology and Creativity

Friday 30th August - Sunday 1st September 2019 at Cober Hill, Scarborough

At our 2019 conference we will explore and celebrate the connection between creativity and spirituality. We will investigate why the connection is so strong, and why so much music and poetry (and other types of creativity) is associated with spirituality. There were will be workshops to explore and experience different aspects of creativity, including poetry and music. Both members and non-members of the Transpersonal Section are welcome.

Conference Programme

We are please to announce the Conference Programme has now been published, you can download it here.

Call for Submissions

The deadline for all submissions was 12.00 midday on Wednesday 24th July 2019.

Registration fees can be found on the event booking form. Early Bird rates are available until 17.00 on Friday 9th August. If you have any queries please contact us via the event hotline on 01332 224506


Friday 30th August 2019

Please note, all speakers, timings and content are subject to change.

13:00Conference Starts

Sunday 1st September 2019

Please note, all speakers, timings and content are subject to change.

13:00Conference Close

Speakers and Facilitators


Dr Jessica Bockler

Jessica Bockler is an applied theatre practitioner and transpersonal psychologist with a passionate interest in expressive arts and ritual as a way to soulful living. In her ongoing performance training, Jessica has spent two decades exploring the actor’s craft as a vehicle for personal growth and development, engaging with creative practitioners in a broad spectrum of contexts: from esoteric theatre ritual groups in Northern California, to physical theatre ensembles in Italy and Denmark, to corporate performance coaching in New York City. Jessica specialises in transpersonal and somatic approaches to creative practice, combining expressive arts with practices enhancing mindfulness and body awareness. She is the Director of Creative Alternatives (, an arts and mental health service which operates in Merseyside, UK. She is also a co-founding director of the Alef Trust ( which delivers postgraduate programmes in consciousness, spirituality and transpersonal psychology.

Presentation: Playful Revolution: The role of creativity in collective transformation

Rajesh David

Rajesh David is an accomplished and versatile singer and composer, trained in Indian classical music. Born in India into a family of singers, he was an A-grade artist for the All India Radio and Television. His compositions, influenced by Indian classical and folk traditions as well as contemporary music are inspiring, energetic and heart opening. As a singer in Tŷhai he bridges the music and culture of the Celtic world and India: singing in Hindi, Sanskrit, English and even Welsh (he is a Welsh language learner), as well as the musical language of sargams, taranas and bols.

Presentation: A performance of transpersonal music

Dr Melvyn Willin

Melvyn Willin PhD took degrees at several British universities including doctorates in paramusicology at Sheffield and history at Bristol. He is the Honorary Archive Liaison Officer to the Society for Psychical Research and has published several books including Music, Witchcraft and the Paranormal and most recently (2019) The Enfield Poltergeist Tapes. Other research includes Perrott-Warrick scholarships into the study of Near Death Experiences from the perspective of music; the efficacy of witchcraft spells in modern society and alleged paranormal demonstrations within the martial arts.

Presentation: When Music is the Medium and the Medium does the Music: An examination of paranormal musical creativity.


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