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Talking About Sex

Friday 31st March 2017 at BPS Offices, Tabernacle Street, London

The Division of Clinical Psychology’s Faculty of Clinical Health Psychology and the Faculty for HIV and Sexual Health have organised a study day on ‘Talking about sex with patients”. The day will feature a number of presentations related to talking about sex and sexual health with patients with physical health problems. Talking about sexual issues in physical health is not a topic that one is typically trained in, so this study day will aim to address this as an unexplored area. Topics include: Talking sensitively about sex; psychosexual difficulties and treatment approaches; managing difficulties with sexual intimacy for people with chronic pelvic pain; prostate cancer and sexuality and sexual functioning. The study day will be of interest to clinical psychologists and other professionals who are working in health care settings.

Learning outcomes and objectives:

  • Develop basic skills in talking sensitively about sexual difficulties to people with physical health problems
  • Gain knowledge about different psychosexual difficulties and their treatment
  • Gain knowledge about sexual issues and difficulties in relation to specific medical conditions (e.g. chronic pain and cancer)
  • Reflect on the possible experiences and concerns of service users, and how we can respond to them

The course is intended for Members, non-members and students. The two morning sessions will draw on a workshop format to allow participants to discuss issues and reflect on own practice.

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Friday 31st March 2017

The agenda timings and content are subject to change

09:30Registration and refreshments
10:00Siobhan Marnoch: Talking about sex
11:35Janice Hillier: Psychosexual difficulties and treatment approaches
13:00Lunch and networking
14:00Katie Herron and Katrine Petersen: A MDT approach for managing difficulties with intimacy for people with chronic abdominal-pelvic pain
14:50Justin Grayer: The impact of prostate cancer and its treatment on sexuality and functioning
15:45Stuart Gibson: Diabetes and sex
16:30Conference Close

Speakers and Facilitators

Ms Janice Hiller, BSc. MPhil, C.Psycol. AFBPsS

Janice Hiller is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who was head of the Relationship and Psychosexual Service at Goodmayes Hospital in North East London for many years, before joining Tavistock Relationships in 2012 as Senior Academic Tutor in Psychosexual Studies. Since specialising in couples therapy and sexology she has presented at conferences, run many seminars and training courses, and was honorary lecturer and tutor for the Doctoral degree course at UCL. Her publications cover a range of topics including psychosexual development, coital pain, arousal and desire difficulties and ethical issues. She was joint editor and contributor to Hiller, Wood and Bolton (2006)”Sex Mind and Emotion”, and co-wrote a chapter “Psychodynamic aspects of Psychosexual Therapy” (2013) for the European –wide syllabus of clinical sexology published by the European Society of Sexual Medicine. Janice is especially interested in biopsychosocial factors in sexual and gender development, and the neurobiological underpinnings of sexual behaviour.

Dr Siobhan Marnoch, Clinical Psychologist

Dr Siobhan Marnoch is a Clinical Psychologist working within the Barts HIV and Sexual Health Service in East London. Key aspects of her role include working with men and women experiencing sexual difficulties, or concerns regarding issues relating to sexuality, sexual practices or risky sexual behaviour. She co-leads a joint medical and psychological assessment clinic for women experiencing sexual pain conditions (e.g. Vaginismus, Vulvodynia).

Dr Justin Grayer, Principle Psychologist

Dr Justin Grayer is a clinical psychologist and psychosexual and relationship therapist. He has worked in a range of physical and sexual health specialities and is currently the Lead for Adult Psychological Support at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. Justin’s specialist interests are the psychosexual consequences of cancer and couples therapy. He has published papers in this field and recently presented on these topics for London Cancer, The Bowlby Centre and Breast Cancer Care. He is an Honorary Lecturer at University College London and was previously Adjunct Assistant Professor in Psychology at Alliant University, Hong Kong. Justin is a Trustee for the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists, and a Founding member of the British Emotionally Focused Therapy Community.

Katie Herron

Dr Katie Herron, DClinPsyc, PhD
Katie has worked as a clinical psychologist at The Pain Management Centre, University College London Hospitals, for 4 years. She specialises in chronic abdominal-pelvic pain (APP) management and her work entails helping patients cope with the specific impact of this type of pain including intimacy. Her clinical role comprises facilitating the gender specific pelvic-pain management group programme alongside the MDT as well as seeing patients individually. Katie also works within The Complex Pain Inpatient Team that supports in patients with chronic APP. She has co-authored a research article and book chapter on abdominal-pelvic pain psychology.

Katrine Petersen

Katrine is a specialist physiotherapist and supplementary prescriber at The Pain Management Centre, University College London Hospitals. She specialises in chronic abdominal-pelvic pain (APP) management and her work entails helping patients increase function whilst managing the specific impact of this type of pain including bladder and bowel problems and intimacy. Her clinical role comprises seeing patients individually, group programmes and supervising other physiotherapists. Katrine has co-authored several published articles and a book chapter on abdominal-pelvic pain

Stuart Gibson

Dr Stuart Gibson has worked in clinical health psychology settings for 20 years across the UK, Canada and the United States. Most of his work has focussed on HIV and sexual health, but he has also worked in diabetes, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, cancer and cystic fibrosis. He is currently the head of psychology in Infection & Immunity at Barts Health NHS Trust.


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