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International Conference of Coaching Psychology 2019: Hosted by the BPS Special Group in Coaching Psychology

Embracing Diversity and Inclusivity – Challenges and Aspirations in Coaching Psychology

Thursday 6th - Friday 7th June 2019 at Holiday Inn London Bloomsbury

Following a very successful and inspirational Conference the SGCP Committee would like to extend their thanks to all attendees, speakers and exhibitors for their input!

Conference Programme

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Keynote Speakers

Broadening our Horizons: Why Coaches should specialise in Mental Health - Prof Sarah Corrie, Middlesex University
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How behavioral science can help us all to have a good day - Caroline Webb, Author of How to Have a Good Day and Senior Advisor to McKinsey & Company
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Designing and implementing CBT- how will technology replace or augment therapists? - Prof Chris Williams, University of Glasgow
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Thursday 5th June

10.15-11.15 Session

Practitioner understanding and experience of mental health and mental illness in developmental coaching: A cross sectional study - Jean Ellis

Coaching in the age of AI and Robotics: are we ready for future digital collaborations? - Adina Tarry

The role of psychological flexibility in increasing wellbeing and other coaching outcomes in ACT-based coaching - Dr Rachel Skews

11.30-12.30 Session

Knowing Ourselves: How Coaches can Take Care of their Well-Being through a Formulation-Driven Approach - Dr Louise Kovacs & Prof Sarah Corrie

Is this a valid way to use neuropsychological insights? The art of, and justification for, 'Conceptual Translation'- Kate Pearlman-Shaw & Debbie Pearlman-Hougie

As coaches we all have a vast "hinterland" of prior experience including our most and least wonderful performances. Why is it essential we harvest our "hinterlands"? How can these bring greater strength and uniqueness into our coaching practices? - Tony Page

14.15-15.15 Session

Where does Health and Wellness Coaching Fit in the World of Helping Professions? - Fiona Cosgrove

How the Digital Revolution Will Disrupt the Coaching Industry - Eric Urdahl
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Embracing Values to Enhance Leadership Diversity: Coaching Using Authentic Leadership - Jane Arthur-McGuire & Richard Ogden

Friday 6th June

10.15-11.15 Session

Enhancing our resilience through using our strengths - Deborah Barleggs & Rhys Connolly

The Executive, The Business & Life Dilemmas: An Existential Glance At Corporate Coaching - Marialexia Margariti

Perspectives on supporting coachees from minority and marginalised groups - Louise Weston & Guilaine Kinouani

11.30-12.30 Session

The Development a "new model of me" post cancer treatment: Implications for outcome measures for the assessment of coaching interventions - Dr Andrew Parsons

Positive psychology for flourishing start-up entrepreneurs: where is the trick? Annalisa Fabbri

Group and peer coaching supervision: implications for coaching psychology - Alan Wingrove

14.45-15.45 Session

Positive Psychology Interventions in Coaching - University of East London
Skychology: The Future of Wellbeing is Looking Up - Paul Conway
Lego Serious for Positive Psychology in Individual Coaching - Theresa Quinn
Wellbeing for International Students - Ruth Hughes Unable to share slides

Exploring professional identity of coaching practitioners using Repertory Grid Technique - Dr Dasha Grajfoner & Ola Weel Skram Slides to follow

What is the value and impact of four identified models as pre-conditions to enable a coaching culture to thrive in a school? - Jeanie Davies

16.00-17.00 Session

Narrative Identity: From the inside out - Lee Newitt

Which mask do you wear? How team coaching can provide the means of being more authentic in the workplace - Neil Tomalin Unable to share slides

A Hypothesis: The Mind-Body-Spirit of Developmental Psychology applied to Executive Coaching in Holistic Leadership - Antoinette Braks

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Speakers and Facilitators


Prof Sarah Corrie

Prof Sarah Corrie is a Visiting Professor at Middlesex University where she is also an advisor for candidates studying for doctorates in professional practice. She has been working as a qualified clinical psychologist since 1997, following completion of her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Counselling Psychology, and Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology. Sarah subsequently chose to specialise in CBT and also work as a lecturer, supervisor and trainer in this field. Sarah is a Chartered Psychologist, Registered Clinical Psychologist, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and Accredited CBT Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer with the British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies. She is bound by and accountable to the codes of ethics and practice laid down by these professional bodies which also means that she undertakes regular continuing professional development to ensure that her knowledge and skills remain effective and up to date. In addition to Sarah’s work as a therapist, coach, supervisor and trainer, she has written for the popular press on how to manage psychological problems and is the author of a wide range of academic and self-help articles and books. Prof Corrie is also Programme Director of the Post Graduate Diploma and MSc in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy, delivered by CNWL Foundation NHS Trust and Roy al Holloway University of London.

Caroline Webb

Caroline is CEO of Sevenshift, a firm that shows people how to use insights from behavioral science to improve their working life. Her book on that topic, How To Have A Good Day, has been published in 14 languages and more than 60 countries. She is also a Senior Advisor to McKinsey, where she was previously a Partner.


Prof Chris Williams

Keynote Speaker
Dr Chris Williams is Emeritus Professor of Psychosocial Psychiatry at the University of Glasgow. His main work is in the development and evaluation of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) approaches that aim to provide wider access to care. This includes the free-access life skills course which is the most recommended cCBT product in NHS England IAPT services and mental health trusts (Bennion et al, 2017 BMJ Open).

He is an award winning author of a wide range of written and computer-based self-help supports for low mood, stress and more. He is medical adviser to Anxiety UK ( and Patron of the charity Triumph over Phobia ( His work has included developing online and also class-based life skills programmes- which have been translated into Somali, French, Chinese, Italian, Urdu and Romanian, as well as books in six other languages. He is a Past-President on 2 occasions of the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies ( – the lead body for CBT in the UK.


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