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SGCP Coaching Psychology Workshops & Conference 2016:

Creating a new sustainability in uncertain times

Workshops - Thursday 8th December at Holiday Inn London Bloomsbury

Conference - Friday 9th December at Holiday Inn London Bloomsbury

How can we really help our clients create and sustain their contribution to the world, and sustain ourselves, in these turbulent times?

Creating and sustaining positive mental and emotional health in our private and professional lives is pretty important and is now firmly on the political agenda. For organisations and for individuals, how to sustain yourself and others is a common concern as we all seek to make our mark on the world. The pressure can sometimes be immense as the world and the UK context continues to be uncertain. For some, that context is learning to cope with the effects of war or social upheaval; for others it is about learning how to influence and lead whole systems change and enhance relationships with employees. This conference will be packed full of ideas and solutions for coaches and coaching psychologists, cross-fertilised from the many psychological disciplines, that can help us be as effective as possible with our various clients, and stay well ourselves, as we work.

Our Coaching Psychology Conference and Pre-Conference Workshops are opportunities to get the latest updates on the international developments in coaching psychology and the Special Group for Coaching Psychology. In 2014 we celebrated 10 years of the SGCP with regular events, publications and research; the central message of the 2014 Congress was diversity, inclusivity and collaborations in coaching psychology. For 2015 we built on that message and the 2015 Conference aimed to inspire collaborations in the area, accreditation, training routes and research evidence. The event provided the opportunity to further what has been achieved and to explore what is ahead of coaching psychology and us as a group.

This Conference is an excellent opportunity for you to meet, connect, and collaborate with colleagues from around the world, including those at the forefront of developing coaching psychology. Our diversity and inclusivity is a hallmark of our identity and this Conference has been designed to be relevant not just to coaching psychologists but also to other groups who use coaching or who might be interested in becoming part of our growing community.

The SGCP Workshops Programme can be viewed here.

The SGCP Conference Programme can be viewed here.

Presentation Downloads

Presentations are available for download here if we have permission to share them.

Pre-Conference Workshops Presentation

Parallel Session B: Resilience, Wellbeing and Performance at work
Dr Derek Mowbray

Research Presentation

Enabling Leaders to Navigate Complexity
Dr Louise Kovacs

Leadership Stream

Organisational Coaching & Stakeholder Contracting
Prof Jonathan Passmore

Developing Resilient Leaders Capable of Delivering Sustainable Performance Through Coaching
Ruth Patel, Lorraine Mills

Evolutionary Levels of Behaviour - A Framework for Leadership
Andreas Habermacher

What is a 'Winning Attitude?' According to Olympians, CEOs and successful Entrepreneurs
Dr Amanda Potter

Show Don't Tell: Using Creative and Artistic Techniques in Leadership Coaching
Ian Florance, Prof Mary Watts

Wellbeing Stream

Menopause - A Potential 'Scourge' of the Senior Leader. Why this happens to some leaders and how to help them to stay effective
Kate Pearlman-Shaw

Mind the Gap - Incongruence of Emotional Needs as a Better Predictor of Workplace Wellbeing
Andreas Habermacher

Bright Side, Dark Side and Inside Correlates of the Managerial & Executive Wellbeing Survey
Dr Rainer Hermann Kurz, Audrey McGibbon & Karen Gillespie

Research Stream

The Therapy, Coaching and Coaching Psychology Interface
Prof Ole Michael Spaten, with contributions from graduate students at Aalborg University

Ethical practice: The heart of coaching psychology
Prof Jonathan Passmore & Eve Turner

Five years after the systematic review on Coaching Psychology: Evidence-based coaching? Where are we now?
Dr Yi-Ling Lai

Investigating facets of personality that underpin adaptive and maladaptive behaviour
Dr Rainer Hermann Kurz

If you have any queries please contact us via the event hotline on 01332 224501


Thursday 8th December 2016

Workshops draft programme, full details coming soon

13:00Parallel workshop session A - Motivational Interviewing (MI) Workshop, Dr Jeff Breckon
13:00Parallel workshop session B - Resilience, Wellbeing and Performance at work, Dr Derek Mowbray
15:00Refreshment Break
15:30Parallel workshop session A - Motivational Interviewing (MI) Workshop, Dr Jeff Breckon
15:30Parallel workshop session B - Resilience, Wellbeing and Performance at work, Dr Derek Mowbray

Friday 9th December 2016

Conference draft programme, full details coming soon

09:00Welcome Address
09:45Parallel sessions
10:45Refreshments, Exhibition & Posters
11:00Parallel sessions
12:00Keynote: Professor Sarah Corrie
12:45Lunch, Exhibition & Posters
13:30Parallel Sessions
15:00Refreshments, Exhibition & Posters
15:15Parallel Sessions
16:15Closing Remarks
16:45Conference Close

Speakers and Facilitators

Dr Jeff Breckon

Dr Jeff Breckon is a Reader in Exercise Psychology and a BPS Chartered Psychologist. He delivers training in MI to a variety of health and physical activity professionals and organisations including PCT's and local authority sectors. He is a member of MINT (Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers), BPS and BASES (British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences). Jeff was trained in MI in 1996 and as an MI trainer by Professor Bill Miller and Professor Steve Rollnick in Quebec, 2000. Since then he has trained MI to organisations across the UK, Europe and North America and delivered the international 'training new trainers' (TNT) programme in Barcelona (June, 2009). He has led on the implementation and fidelity testing of MI in a number of large scale clinical trials and has published and presented internationally.

Dr Derek Mowbray

Derek is a Chartered Psychologist and Fellow of the BPS. He has made many notable contributions to the field of clinical psychology, as well as his contribution of his strategic model on managing workplace stress in New Ways of Working for Applied Psychologists (2007). Derek specialises in the prevention of stress at work, and is the architect of The WellBeing and Performance Agenda that provides the framework for organisations to develop a culture, leadership style and working environment that stimulates psychological wellbeing and performance. He also helps individuals develop their personal resilience. Dr. Mowbray is visiting Professor of Psychology at the Universities of Northumbria and Gloucestershire. He is Chairman of the WellBeing and Performance Group and a director of The Management Advisory Service (MAS), Organisation Health and The Resilience Training Company.

Professor Sarah Corrie

Keynote Speaker
Sarah Corrie is a Chartered Psychologist, Coaching Psychologist and Consultant Clinical Psychologist. An author of over 80 articles for academic journals, professional journals and trade magazines, and seven books including, The Art of Inspired Living: Coach Yourself with Positive Psychology, and most recently Supervision in the Psychological Professions (with David Lane & Mary Watts), she has extensive experience in both the public and private sectors.

After receiving a First Class BSc (Hons) in Psychology and Counselling Psychology, she completed her doctoral degree in clinical psychology and undertook further training in cognitive-behaviour therapy. Sarah is a faculty member of the Professional Development Foundation and an Academic Advisor for Middlesex University where she is also a Visiting Professor. She is the Programme Director of the Postgraduate Diploma & MSc in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy offered by Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust & Royal Holloway University of London. An Accredited Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer with the British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies Sarah has extensive experience in supervising and training practitioners in the fields of psychology and coaching, both nationally and internationally. Sarah is a Founder Member and former Chair of SGCP and her commitment to emotional well-being and mental health remains central to her work as a coaching psychologist.

Jonathan Passmore

Jonathan Passmore is a Chartered Psychologist. He is the Managing Director of Embrion and Professor of Psychology at the University of Evora, Portugal. He has published widely with twenty five books and over 100 peer review papers and book chapters. He is currently working on an eight volume series of Handbooks for Wiley Blackwell, on the theme of Organisational Psychology. When completed in 2017 the Series will be the most compressive coverage of the Occupational Psychology literature published to date.


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