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Introduction to Schema Therapy

Friday 30th January 2015 at Mercure Nottingham City Centre

Jeffery Young (1990) developed Schema Therapy to treat personality disordered patients who cannot be adequately helped by standard Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Schema Therapy places a greater emphasis on the childhood origins of psychological problems. It is an integrative therapy, combining aspects of cognitive, behavioural, psychodynamic, attachment and Gestalt models. It sees the cognitive and behavioural aspects as vital to treatment, as in standard CBT, but gives equal weight to emotional change, experiential techniques and the therapeutic relationship. Like CBT, it is structured, systematic and specific. It follows a sequence of assessment and treatment procedures. The model outlines specific schemas, coping styles and modes. Perhaps most importantly, it normalises rather than pathologises personality disorders in its assumption that everyone has schemas, coping styles and modes, however, in the people we treat they are more rigid and extreme.

The aim of this workshop is to provide an overview of schema therapy and its application to self, different clinical populations and settings. It will also include a review of the emerging evidence for the efficacy of the approach and its future directions. In keeping with the model, the training will incorporate experiential exercises to provide a greater understanding of the change techniques involved.

Young, J.E. (1990). Cognitive Therapy for Personality Disorders: A Schema Focused Approach. Sarasota FL: Professional Resource Exchange.

Can be applied to clients of all ages in a range of settings. The specific value to the Pre-Qualification Group is to provide a view of the underpinnings of many behaviours commonly seen in treatment settings and emphasises the use of functional formulation in the treatment of psychological problems.

Learning outcomes and objectives

  • To develop awareness of schemas and schema modes
  • To gain insight into own schemas and impact upon therapy relationship
  • To experience key techniques (imagery/schema dialogues)
  • To provide an overview of clinical applications to different populations
  • To orientate participants to the research evidence and wider literature

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Friday 30th January 2015

09:30Registration and refreshments
10:00Introduction to the model
11:30Self Formulation
13:00Schema Modes
15:00Therapeutic Techniques

Speakers and Facilitators

Dr Kerry Beckley CPsychol AFBPsS

Dr Kerry Beckley is a Consultant Clinical Forensic Psychologist and is an Advanced Schema Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer in both Individual and Group therapy recognised by the International Society of Schema Therapy
(ISST). She has extensive experience of working within a range of forensic settings. She delivers workshops nationally and internationally
in Schema Therapy and has written a number of chapters and articles in relation to her work.


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