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Community Psychology: Thinking more, speaking more, doing more

Friday 11th March 2016 at The Studio, Birmingham

This conference was designed for pre-qualified members who are on a journey towards qualification during a time in which psychologists are beginning to have a greater presence and voice in the public domain, and were actively calling for social inequalities to be addressed as a priority, independent of their clinical roles.

What is critical and community psychology?
Critical and community psychology aims to explain distress in terms of social, political and societal contexts. It adopts a systems and macro level approach and questions more traditional approaches, with a focus on the individual within the community.

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Keynote and Panel Presentations

Becoming Political
Lisa Cameron, MP
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Clinical psychology as part of the problem
Masuma Rahim
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Competencies for Clinical Psychologists: the wider context - Health inequalities, Critical and Community Perspectives
Anne Cooke, Peter Kinderman, Sam Thompson, Gemma Budge & Stephanie Allan
Chair: James Randall-James & Glenn Williams
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Thinking More

The Work of the Community Psychology Section of the BPS: Progress and Future Directions
Glenn Williams

From Practice to Policy: How can clinical psychologists work at a policy level?
Nina Browne & Kat Alcock

EXTENDED WORKSHOP - Evolving Minds and Aarhus's Open meetings
Rufus May & Elisabeth Svanholmers
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Speaking More

Understanding Psychosis and Schizophrenia
Anne Cooke & Peter Kinderman

Aims and Objectives of the Community Psychology Section
Carl Harris
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The journey matters too: incorporating anti-oppression within activism
Guilaine Kinouani
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Psychologists Against Austerity
Edward Mundy, Rachel Tribe, Sinead Peacock-Brennan, & Christopher Jones

Doing More

Walk the Talk
Ste Weatherhead

What Good Looks Like: Community Psychology
Children, Young Persons & Families Faculty (DCP)

A vehicle for community engagement and dialogue
London Playback Theatre
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Jack & Jill & the Red Post Box - A Play about the impact of Dementia
Skimstone Arts
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Hobby turned trigger: How an individual's leisure environment may exert a detrimental impact upon wellbeing
Craig Joseph Sanderson

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Friday 11th March 2016

A full detailed agenda can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

09:30Welcome - Prequalification Group as the future - Jamie Hacker Hughes
10:00Psycholology as part of the problem - Masuma Rahim
10:30Parallel Workshops Session 1
11:10Refreshment Break & Poster Presentations
11:30Parallel Workshops Session 2
12:10Becoming Political - Lisa Cameron
13:00Lunch & Poster Presentations
14:00Parallel Workshops Session 3
14:40Refreshment Break & Poster Presentations
15:10Parallel Workshops Session 4
15:50Poster Prize Presentations
16:00Competencies for Clinical Psychologists: the wider context - Health inequalities, Critical and Community Perspectives
17:30Conference Close


The Studio, Birmingham

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