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Past Events

Please find past events, managed by KC Jones conference&events on behalf of our clients, listed below in date order.

18th September 2017Going Green Working Group Conference 2017
15th September 2017Using What Works: Building Resilience in New Addiction Approaches
12th September 2017AED and CPR - Defibrillation Training
11th September 2017Approaches to Learning, Presenting and Training
7th - 9th September 2017EVENT CANCELLED CEP Section 2017 Annual Conference: Technology, Consciousness and Experience
6th - 8th September 2017Psychobiology Section Annual Scientific Meeting 2017
10th August 2017Emergency First Aid at Work 1 Day Course
2nd - 3rd August 2017Childcare First Aid Training
19th July 2017Emergency First Aid at Work 1 Day Course
12th - 13th July 2017The Faculty of Psychology of Older People (FPOP) 2017 Conference
7th - 9th July 2017ATP 2017 Annual Conference
7th July 2017Systemic Work in Cancer and Palliative Care Settings
29th June 2017London and Home Counties Branch Symposium - Identity
27th June 2017North Staffordshire 6th International Neuropsychiatry Conference
24th June 2017Fire Marshal
22nd June 2017Introduction to the COM-B model and the basics of Behaviour Change
8th June 2017Advances in Patient Reported Outcomes Research
7th June 2017DCP Faculty of Perinatal Psychology Annual Conference 2017
7th June 2017Emergency First Aid at Work 1 Day
7th June 2017Psychometrics: Using and Interpreting Ability Measures with focus on the WAIS-IV
5th - 6th June 2017Paediatric Psychology Network UK National Conference 2017
26th May 2017Psychological Practice and Guidance regarding disclosures of non-recent Child Sexual Abuse
12th May 2017NAPEP Annual Course 2017
11th May 2017FICAPS Conference 2017: Inpatient CAMHS: Surviving and thriving relationships
3rd May 2017EVENT CANCELLED Kiss Insomnia Goodnight and Goodbye: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
25th April 2017Emergency First Aid at Work 1 Day
21st - 23rd April 2017Weekend Mindfulness Retreat for Clinicians
31st March 2017PQG Annual Conference 2017
31st March 2017Talking About Sex
30th March 2017UKSBM CPD Event
24th March 2017How Can Psychology Inform Disaster Management
24th - 25th March 2017Language World 2017
23rd - 24th March 2017NIBPS 2017 Annual Conference
21st - 22nd March 2017NWG 4th Annual Conference & Unsung Hero Awards
8th - 9th March 2017Taking your next steps in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Health Problems
23rd February 2017DHP Scotland AGM and Annual Scientific Meeting 2017
23rd Feb - 16th Mar 2017Level 3 Award in Education and Training
12th - 13th January 2017DECP Annual Conference 2017
11th January 2017DECP TEP Conference 2017
8th - 9th December 2016SGCP Coaching Psychology Workshops & Conference 2016
2nd December 2016Psychology of Sexualities Section: Innovations in Psychology and Sexualities Conference & AGM
1st - 2nd December 201612th UKSBM Annual Scientific Meeting
29th - 30th November 2016BASES Conference 2016
25th November 2016Standing up to Addiction: Turning Disempowerment into Empowerment
17th - 18th November 2016Division of Neuropsychology 5th Annual Conference
8th November 2016National Apprenticeship Levy Workshop
7th - 9th November 2016Group of Trainers in Clinical Psychology Annual Conference 2016
2nd November 20165th Military Psychology Conference
28th - 29th October 2016Psychology of Education Section Annual Conference 2016
21st October 2016Leadership for Psychologists
14th October 2016East Midlands Health and Care Apprenticeship Levy Summit
12th October 2016Understanding Military Culture for Clinicians: Implications for Clinical Work
30th September 2016Annual Conference for Educational Psychologists in Scotland
19th September 2016GGWG Annual Conference 2016
14th - 18th September 2016Second Transpersonal Research Colloquium & Transpersonal Psychology Section Annual Conference
9th September 2016Working with Refugees - what we need to know: CDT Section Conference & AGM
7th - 9th September 2016Psychobiology Annual Scientific Meeting 2016
5th September 2016Psychometrics: Understanding and Measuring Memory
2nd - 3rd September 2016CEP Annual Conference 2016
2nd - 4th September 2016PSUK Netball 2016
20th July 2016Psychometrics: Using and Interpreting Ability Measures (WAIS-IV and WISC-IV)
11th - 12th July 2016FPOP Annual Conference 2016
8th - 10th July 2016ATP 2016 Annual Conference
6th - 8th July 2016International Neuropsychological Society 2016 Mid-Year Meeting
5th July 2016The Minorities in Clinical Psychology Training group's Third Annual Conference
9th June 2016Paediatric Psychology Network Annual Conference 2016: ‘What Good Looks Like’
7th June 2016BPS Sexual Abuse in Childhood Guidelines Launch Symposium
7th June 2016Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking
26th May 2016Approaches to Learning
24th May 2016NWG Child Sexual Exploitation Foundation Course
23rd - 24th May 2016Essential knowledge of neuropsychology for practitioner psychologists
21st May 2016Introduction to Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT)
10th May 2016Re-visioning Mental Health through Coproduction
18th - 19th April 2016NWG 3rd Annual Conference & Unsung Hero Awards
15th April 2016One day introductory training in Radically Open Dialectical Behaviour Therapy RO-DBT
6th April 2016Understanding and Applying Creative Research Methods in Social Sciences
31st March 2016Get ready for the Levy
22nd - 23rd March 2016History of Mental Health
22nd March 2016NWG Human Trafficking/Modern Slavery Act 2015 Training
17th March 2016A Pre-Qualification Group Interview Skills Day, London - March
17th March 2016Chemobrain. What do we know? What can we do?
16th March 2016What is Safeguarding?
11th March 2016Community Psychology: Thinking more, speaking more, doing more
11th - 12th March 2016Language World 2016
2nd March 2016Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Annual Nursing Conference 2016
25th February 2016Mental Health and Transport Summit
24th February 2016NWG Child Sexual Exploitation Foundation Course
22nd February 2016DHP Scotland AGM and Annual Scientific Meeting 2016
19th February 2016A Pre-Qualification Group Interview Skills Day, Sheffield
19th February 2016Using formulation in Teams
12th February 2016A Pre-Qualification Group Interview Skills Day, London
11th February 2016Everybody Equal? Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) History Month Conference
11th February 2016Radicalisation and Extremism Awareness Project
9th Feb - 1st Mar 2016Level 3 Award in Education and Training
9th February 2016Reflective Practice in Clinical Psychology
9th February 2016Understanding the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) in the context of CSE
27th January 2016FICAPS National Conference 2016
26th January 2016NWG Combatting Child Sexual Exploitation in Residential Care
19th January 2016"Staying Safe and Keeping out of Trouble"
18th January 2016Approaches to Learning
12th January 2016NWG Human Trafficking/Modern Slavery Act 2015 Training
6th - 8th January 2016DECP Annual Conference 2016
5th January 2016DECP TEP Conference 2016
10th December 2015NWG Child Sexual Exploitation Foundation Course Dec 2015
10th - 11th December 2015SGCP 5th European Coaching Psychology Conference 2015 - Breaking New Ground
9th December 2015Putting Positive Psychology Science into Evidence-Based Coaching Practice
8th - 9th December 20152015 UKSBM 11th Annual Scientific Meeting
8th December 2015Understanding the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) in the context of CSE
7th December 2015EVENT CANCELLED - Working Relationally with People with a Learning Disability
2nd December 2015NWG Combatting Child Sexual Exploitation in Residential Care
30th November 2015Update on the impact and consequences of HIV neurocognitive impairment: recent research findings.
26th - 27th November 2015Division of Neuropsychology Annual Conference 2015
25th November 2015NWG Child Sexual Exploitation Foundation Course
25th November 2015Teaching and research: The ‘strawberries and cream’ of psychology
20th November 2015ACT in Palliative Care
20th - 21st November 2015Festival of Community Psychology: Creativity, Collaboration and Community
12th November 2015EVENT CANCELLED - Instilling Hope in Therapy and Practice
12th Nov - 3rd Dec 2015Level 3 Award in Education and Training
12th November 2015Making the Transition – Addressing the lifespan needs of young people with learning disabilities
12th - 13th November 2015Power, Interest and Psychology: developing David Smail’s ideas
10th November 2015NWG Human Trafficking/Modern Slavery Act 2015 Training
3rd November 20154th Military Psychology Conference
2nd - 4th November 2015Group of Trainers in Clinical Psychology Annual Conference 2015
2nd November 2015Military Workshops 2015: Normalising trauma?
30th October 2015Childhood sexual abuse – Impact and Interventions
30th October 2015CYP-IAPT and Clinical Psychology: a workshop for pre-qualified and newly qualified clinicians
30th October 2015DHP Scotland Postgraduate Autumn Workshop 2015
30th October 2015Integration in Psychotherapy: transtheoretical themes and issues
23rd October 2015Fundamentals of Neuropsychological Assessment in Older Adults: the art of making skilled judgements
23rd - 24th October 2015The role of competence beliefs in teaching and learning
22nd October 2015EVENT CANCELLED - NWG Child Sexual Exploitation Foundation Course
22nd October 2015Understanding the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) in the context of CSE
19th October 2015NWG Human Trafficking/Modern Slavery Act 2015 Training
18th October 2015NWG Freedom Walk
5th October 2015Opening up the conversation about working with 16-25 year olds
24th September 2015Z Developing awareness and best practice in relation to LGBTQ young people and CSE
23rd September 2015Z EVENT CANCELLED Supporting Young People moving into adult services using the Care Act 2014
22nd September 2015Z NWG Human Trafficking/Modern Slavery Act 2015 Training
21st September 2015Z Understanding and working with: hearing voices, delusions and paranoia
18th - 20th September 2015Z Psychedelics, Psychology and Spirituality
17th September 2015Z First Annual Conference - Faculty for Children, Young People and their Families (Scotland)
17th September 2015Z NWG Child Sexual Exploitation Foundation Course 17 Sep
14th September 2015Z Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)
12th September 2015Z 4th Annual Conference of The Welsh Branch of The British Psychological Society
11th September 2015Z Annual Conference for Educational Psychologists in Scotland 2015
9th September 2015Z NWG Child Sexual Exploitation Foundation Course
7th September 2015Z North East of England Branch Annual Conference 2015
2nd - 4th September 2015Z Psychobiology Section Annual Scientific Meeting 2015
1st September 2015Z NWG Human Trafficking/Modern Slavery Act 2015 Training
24th July 2015Z Furthering our understanding of the roles of Empathy and Self-awareness
10th - 12th July 2015Z ATP Annual Conference 2015
9th July 2015Z Working with women who have experienced female circumcision, genital cutting or FGM
2nd - 3rd July 2015Z Essential Knowledge of Neuropsychology for Practitioner Psychologists
2nd - 3rd July 2015Z FPOP Annual Conference & AGM 2015
1st July 2015Z Cognitive Assessment of Children and Young People - Leeds
29th - 30th June 2015Z Kelly Vitousek Working With Anorexia Clinical Masterclass
23rd June 2015Z An Introduction to Engaging with the Somali Community and other ‘Hard-to-Reach’ groups
22nd June 2015Z DDP Masterclass
18th Jun - 29th Oct 2015Cognitive Assessment of Children and Young People - Glasgow
18th June 2015Z CPLAAC Study Day – Sharing Good Practice
13th June 2015Z Altered States of Consciousness Series Event 3: Spiritual States
12th June 2015Z Managing Functional Neurological Symptoms
8th June 2015Z Intervention Mapping
5th June 2015Z Paediatric Psychology Network Annual Conference 2015
4th June 2015Z Division of Forensic Psychology One day workshop - 'Working with Fire-setters’
2nd June 2015Z EVENT CANCELLED Increased understanding and practice guidance for Extremism and Radicalisation
2nd June 2015Z Military Workshops 2015: Spacing Out & Cracking Up
1st June 2015Z Parenting across Cultures
22nd May 2015Z Using formulation in teams
20th - 22nd May 2015Z The NIBPS 2015 Annual Conference
14th - 15th May 2015Z Introduction to ACT for long-term conditions
12th May 2015Z Approaches to assessing early parent-child relationships
9th May 2015Z Derby Hockey Club Annual Dinner & Awards
6th May 2015Z EVENT CANCELLED - Not Just Our Daughters
30th Apr - 1st May 2015Z Holistic Faculty Annual Conference: 'Creativity and Psychological Well-being'
30th April 2015Z Introduction to Mentalization based approaches: Theory and application to clinical practice.
24th April 2015Z Neuropsychology and Mental Capacity: an update
21st April 2015Z EVENT CANCELLED - Effective Support of Young Witnesses - April
17th Apr - 15th May 2015Z Working more Creatively with Groups
13th - 22nd April 2015Z Practitioner Training in Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Adolescents (IPT-A)
1st April 2015Z 12th Annual Psychology, Health & Medicine Conference:
27th March 2015Z Rethinking clinical perspectives: Becoming the questioning Psychologist for changing times.
24th March 2015Z LPFT Nursing Conference 2015
21st March 2015Z Silent Retreat in Mindfulness Meditation
20th March 2015Z Division of Clinical Psychology South East Coast Branch AGM and Annual Conference 2015
18th March 2015Z Military Veterans: Transition from Military to civilian life
18th - 19th March 2015Z Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation Annual Conference
12th March 2015Z Brain & Behaviour
11th March 2015Z Communication in Undergraduate Medical Education
26th February 2015Z DHP-Scotland Post-Graduate Workshop, AGM and Annual Scientific Meeting
25th February 2015Z Safeguarding Responses to Missing Young People and CSE
17th Feb - 14th Apr 2015Z 8-Week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and Stress Reduction Programme (MBCT / SR)
10th February 2015Z Effective Support of Young Witnesses - February
9th - 10th February 2015Z Advance Level Workshop in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
4th February 2015Z Understanding Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders
30th January 2015Z Gangs, Sexual Exploitation and the Science of Youth Violence
30th January 2015Z Introduction to Schema Therapy
16th January 2015Z Working Therapeutically with Traumatised young people: Engaging in helpful relationships 2015
8th January 2015Z Early Interventions for Trauma
6th - 9th January 2015Z DECP Annual Conference and DECP TEP Conference
1st Jan - 2nd Nov 2015Military Psychology Workshops 2015
16th December 2014Z Psychological Legacies: Podium, Performance and Participation
11th December 2014Z Postponed: Effective joint working with children and young people;
11th - 12th December 2014Z SGCP 4th International Coaching Psychology Congress
2nd - 4th December 2014Z Patients, Populations and Policy-makers: behavioural medicine in practice
28th November 2014Z Division of Neuropsychology 2014 Annual Conference
28th - 29th November 2014Z Festival of Community Psychology
27th November 2014Z Understanding Psychosis and Schizophrenia’ Launch Conference
26th November 2014Z Siblings: An Exploration
25th November 2014Z Early Interventions for Trauma
25th November 2014Z Multi Agency CSE Communications Seminar
19th November 2014Z Transitions in psychology: from school, though university and into work
18th November 2014Z Working Therapeutically with Traumatised young people: Engaging in helpful relationships
13th November 2014Z Better Together; Leadership & Commissioning for Clinical Psychology
7th November 2014Z Gangology: Working with Gangs and the new paradigm
7th - 9th November 2014Z Learning and Teaching in a Changing Educational Context
7th November 2014Z Self-Management and Decision Making in Cancer Treatment
5th - 6th November 2014Z The Psychological Well-being of the Military in Transition
1st - 29th November 2014Z Motivational Interviewing with Claire Lane
24th October 2014Z Using solution focus coaching to accelerate performance and development
21st October 2014Z Best Practice in Recording and Report Writing for Healthcare Professionals
20th October 2014Z A Case Focused Conference: Three Approaches to Psychological Therapy within Physical Health
18th October 2014Z Social Justice: Towards a Model of Personal and Collective Empowerment
17th October 2014Z A Risky Business? Challenges and complexities in modern forensic and legal systems
17th October 2014Z Action not words II: Negotiating multiple identities
14th - 15th October 2014Z PTSD Master Class: Using Trauma Focused CBT to work with PTSD
10th - 12th October 2014Z Contextualising Mindfulness: Between the Sacred and the Secular
8th October 2014Z Stories of Psychology: War and Its Legacy
3rd October 2014Z Risk and Resilience: Reaching Out to Children, Young People and Families
20th September 2014Z The Health of the Nation: Psychology and Communities
16th September 2014Z The National Apprenticeship Awards 2014 West Midlands Region
16th - 17th September 2014Z UK Congress on Obesity
12th September 2014Z North East of England Branch Annual Conference
12th September 2014Z Teaching Scotland’s Children; the Role of Educational Psychology
4th - 6th September 2014Z CEP 2014 Annual Conference
4th September 2014Z The National Apprenticeship Awards 2014 Central Eastern Region
3rd - 5th September 2014Z Psychobiology Section Annual Scientific Meeting
2nd September 2014Z The National Apprenticeship Awards 2014 East Midlands Region
24th July 2014Z Community Psychology for Applied Psychologists
4th - 6th July 2014Z ATP Conference 2014
1st July 2014Z All is not Lost! Unlocking the potential for Cognitive Rehabilitation
25th - 26th June 2014Z FPOP 2014 - The (New) Art of the Possible
23rd June 2014Z DSM-5: Deconstructing Diagnosis for Practitioners
23rd June 2014Z If only I had known.... Lessons for the
21st June 2014Z CEP Altered States of Consciousness Workshop II: Drug States
18th June 2014Z Cancelled Black intimacy: awareness, misconceptions and applications
16th June 2014Z Sharing best practice of diagnosing and assessing adults with Neuro-Diversity in the workplace
13th June 2014Z One day research Symposium for Post-Graduates
12th June 2014Z How Immersive Virtual Reality Technology can give your innovations a competitive advantage
3rd June 2014Z Group therapy and addiction
23rd - 24th May 2014Z Keeping Spirit Alive in Times of Change
21st May 2014Z Complex trauma, structural dissociation and the body
15th May 2014Z Supporting Maternal Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Perinatal Period
1st May 2014Z Cognitive Assessments with children and young people in CAMHS and other non-specialist settings
1st May 2014Z When Personality Traits Get in the Way
30th April 2014Z Future Manufacturing Forum AM Seminar 3D Sourcing - CASiM2
29th - 30th April 2014Z Abuse, Trauma and Dissociation: Understanding and Working Towards Recovery