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Parenting across Cultures

Monday 1st June 2015 at The People’s History Museum, Manchester

This workshop will be delivered by associates of Just Psychology CIC; a social enterprise that addresses the psychological and mental health needs of children, adults and families with a particular emphasis on cultural diversity, cultural competence and social justice. The workshop will explore approaches to parenting in different cultures. It will examine how parenting is affected by contextual variables and wider cultural values. In particular, we will introduce frameworks that are useful for working with families and provide practice examples including adaptations of psychological interventions that have been designed and developed in the contemporary Western world. Amira Hassan will talk about the work that she does in Qatar with Arabic parents of children with social communication disorders. Iyabo Fatimilehin will talk about assessment and intervention when working with parents from African cultures, whilst Aneela Pilkington will describe key issues in working with South Asian parents.

British society is culturally diverse with increasing numbers of people from non-Western cultures as a result of both migration and birth. This workshop aims to equip psychologists with some of the understanding and approaches that they will need in order to work effectively across cultures. It will also contribute to social inclusion and ensure that psychological services are accessible to all members of British society.

Learning outcomes and objectives

  • To gain an understanding of frameworks for working across cultures
  • To explore the impact that culture has on parenting practices and beliefs
  • To consider the interaction between culture, parenting and disability
  • To learn about examples of using cultural frameworks in practice
  • To understand the impact of context on parenting practices

Who is the workshop intended for?

Clinical Psychologists, Counselling Psychologists, Educational Psychologists. Suitable for all at any stage of their career but more for people who already have some experience of working with children and families.

Please note bookings for this event closed at Midday on 22nd May 2015, bookings cannot be taken after this point.

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Monday 1st June 2015

09:30Registration and refreshments
10:30What is Culture?
11:30Frameworks for thinking about culture and parenting (including video)
13:15Working with Arabic speaking parents of children with social communication difficulties
13:55Small group discussion
14:15Refreshment Break
14:30Working with South Asian parents
15:10Small group discussion
15:30Case presentation/discussion
16:00Feedback & Discussion

Speakers and Facilitators

Mrs Amira Hassan CPsychol

Amira Hassan is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist currently working in Hamad Medical Corporation, Doha, Qatar. Previously, she worked in the NHS providing CAMHS services for children and families for over 10 years. Amira has particular interest in the impact of migration on parenting and family functioning. This includes the impact of migration on parenting beliefs and attachment practices. Amira has delivered several training sessions on cross cultural issues to wide range of professionals including psychologists, social workers and teachers. She also presented in national and international conferences.

Dr Aneela Pilkington

Dr Aneela Pilkington is a Clinical Psychologist who works with children, young people and families. Aneela has a specialist interest in considering issues of race and culture both during the assessment process and when delivering therapeutic interventions. She has conducted published research with South Asian populations to: identify and understand potential barriers to accessing psychological services, to consider the process of conducting research with different cultural groups and to look at the role of religious leaders in supporting individuals with psychological wellbeing. Aneela also completes specialist psychological assessments of children and parents to incorporate an understanding of parenting within different cultures.

Dr Iyabo Fatimilehin CPsychol AFBPsS

Dr Iyabo Fatimilehin is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and director of Just Psychology CIC. Previously, she worked in the NHS providing specialist CAMH services for children and families for over 20 years. She works as a trainer, therapist, and consultant and provides expert witness assessments for the courts. Her recent publications include a chapter on working with BME children and their families in the 3rd edition of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with Children and Families.


People's History Museum, Manchester

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