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NWG Safeguarding in Sport Informed Learning Event

Wednesday 19th September 2018 at pentahotel Reading

New for 2018 - Safeguarding in Sport Informed Learning Event was a new event born out of recent awareness of exploitation in Sport.

This learning event was designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the problem of child sexual exploitation in sport and the policy measures in place to prevent it.

The event was run in association with Edge Hill University and Sport England and presented the findings of the VOICES for Truth and Dignity Research Project, an important research project that ran across 7 countries in Europe looking at Abuse in Sport through the eyes of the survivors. The event explained the historical context and background to the recognition of child abuse in sport, within the UK and beyond, and identified the key findings from the past thirty years of research into this issue. It provided a thorough and critical introduction to the development of child protection policy in British sport and the safeguarding children in sport policy framework. It also offered educational resources, developed from narrative research with survivors of CSE in sport, that participants may draw upon in their own work.

Finally, it ensured participants are abreast of the latest international developments from research, activism and policy development, and resources that will assist in identification and improved safeguarding in sport.

Presentation Downloads

Presenting the findings and recommendations from the Voice Project
Dr Mike Hartill, Edge Hill University
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Disclosing sexual abuse in football: reflecting on my experiences nearly two years on
Dr Colin Harris, University of Brighton
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Sport England Strategic Development
Jayne Molyneux, Sport England

CSE Response Unit Safeguarding in Sport
Kevin Murphy, CSE Response Unit

Crossing the Line
AlterEgo CreativeSolutions Ltd
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Wednesday 19th September 2018

Please note, all speakers, timings and content are subject to change.

10:00Welcome - Shelia Taylor MBE, NWG Network
10:15Keynote - Dr Mike Hartill, Edge Hill University - Presenting the findings and recommendations from the Voice Project
11:15Refreshment Break
11:30Keynote - Dr Colin Harris - Disclosing sexual abuse in football: reflecting on my experiences nearly two years on
13:30Sport England Strategic Development
14:00NWG Safeguarding in Sport
14:30Refreshments and Round table discussion on local implementation of the recommendations
15:15AlterEgo - Crossing the Line
16:00Next Steps and Closing Remarks
16:30Conference Close

Speakers and Facilitators


Dr Colin Harris

Colin is a Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management. After a career as a footballer with Chelsea he moved into industry and has worked as a computer programmer for BP and at the Barclays Group Staff Union. As an Academic Colin has held both research and teaching roles at the universities of Sussex and Brighton. His research interests include privatisation and employee share ownership.

Colin will share his experiences of abuse in sport and his struggle to find his own voice in speaking out on this issue.

Dr Mike Hartill

Dr Mike Hartill, holds a PhD in Sociology and lecture in the sociology of sport at Edge Hill University. His principal areas of research are child maltreatment and sexual exploitation in sport, and child protection in sport policy.

Mike works with a range of local, national and international organisations including the Rugby Football League, Survivors Manchester, NWG Network on Child Sexual Exploitation, UK Coaching, StreetGames, the NSPCC, the German Sports University, Cologne, German Sports Youth, Vic University, Laval University and the European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation (ENGSO). He sits on the national Child Protection Research & Evidence Advisory Group (REAG) (2003-date) chaired by the Child Protection in Sport Unit.

He is currently providing expert advice on child protection in sport to the FA's independent inquiry into non-recent allegations of child sexual abuse led by Clive Sheldon QC.


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