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Radicalisation and Extremism Awareness Project

Including bonus session: Citizen Project - Extremism, Radicalisation and Terrorism awareness training for young learners

Thursday 11th February 2016 at NWG Network Headquarters

Please note, this event has been rescheduled, it was originally due to take place on Thursday 21st January 2016.

R.E.A.P - Radicalisation and Extremism Awareness Project Morning Session: 09:45 –12:30

Training for Safeguarders- to empower them to Recognise, React and Respond and/or Refer children at risk of Radicalisation or Extremist influences.

The new Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 includes provisions which place a “duty on specified bodies, including the Police, Prisons, Local Authorities, Schools and Universities, to have due regard to preventing people being drawn into terrorism”. Theresa May Feb 2015

All Safeguarding and support organisations and authorities subject to this duty, need to ensure they provide appropriate training for staff involved in the implementation of this responsibility.

Staff that engage with children must understand what radicalisation means and how young people may become vulnerable to being drawn into extremist and/or terrorist activity. Similarly, all staff need to be aware and understand the relationship between radicalisation and terrorism and how to recognise, react to and refer or report potentially harmful activity.

The ‘National’ aim is to prevent children in our communities, from becoming drawn into radical, extremist or terrorist activity.

“What are you doing to increase your staff’s awareness of the threats of extremism and terrorist activity in your area of responsibility?”

R.E.A.P is an interactive and relevant training resource that will educate and assist all attending staff to Recognise, React and Refer or Report, Radical or Extremist activity. It will help you to support children in your charge.

This training will address the requirements under the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015, and align to PREVENT and OFSTED guidance.

Dean Coady OBE created REAP based on real experiences, in collaboration with fellow Counter Terrorism Officers, Teachers, Health and Social Workers, Housing colleagues, as well as other Safeguarding professionals and front-line community services teams. This training will empower learners to:

  • Understand what 'The Prevent Duty' is and what Safeguarders need to do to meet the requirements set out in the latest guidance, including; CT Act 2015, Ofsted, DfE ,CQC.
  • To recognise the signs and indicators and know what to do if you are worried about a child or young person who may be at risk of extremism or radicalisation following the guidelines of the Child protection procedures
  • To build networks of support so that you can develop effective working relationships in line with Working together to safeguard children 2015
  • To identify personal and organisational good practice so that you can apply this to help keep children safe.
  • We are not asking you to do anything 'extra', other than to be aware of your surroundings, to Recognise, React and Refer.
  • By Recognising, Reacting and Referring, (or Reporting), staff will be better equipped to Prevent the spread of Radical or Extremist activities.
  • This workshop is fully facilitated by an experienced former Counter Terrorism officer and includes an interactive relevant case study

Afternoon Bonus Session

Citizen Project - Extremism, Radicalisation and Terrorism awareness training for young learners Afternoon Session: 13:00 – 14:45

The Citizen project is an exciting interactive engagement product, specifically designed for children and young adults. The aims of this project are to increase awareness, to educate and to challenge young people, in relation to their understanding of the dangers of potential extremist and terrorist activity in their community. This project also aims to support the concept of safeguarding vulnerable young people.

Citizen has been designed to engage young people around the Prevent strategy, namely;
“To stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism”.

The input consists of learners following a cyber-journey taken by Cody, and their brother Michael, as they travel through the area that they live in, called “Theirtown”.

Along the way, participants will watch them as they become involved in real life situations, and will discuss their actions, reactions and possible outcomes of their behaviour.

The exercise will enable young learners to explore, reflect and challenge some of the behaviour that the pair demonstrates and to discuss potential solutions as to the difficult situations that they find themselves in.

The projects intention is to educate young learners and offer solutions that will empower them to build a personal resilience against those involved in extremist and terrorist activity.

You can attend one or both sessions, registration fees are available on the booking form. If you have any queries please contact us via the event hotline on 01332 227778.


Thursday 11th February 2016

Please note, lunch will be provided.

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12:30Morning Session Close
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