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NWG 6th Annual Conference & Unsung Hero Awards

Tuesday 26th March - Wednesday 27th March 2019 at East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham

Keynote Speakers

We welcomed our Keynote Speakers

  • Dr Ella Cockbain, UCL Department of Security and Crime Science
  • Evan Jones, St Giles Trust
  • Alison Gardner, University of Nottingham

Keynote biographies can be viewed further down the event page.

Unsung Hero Awards

During our 6th Annual Conference dinner we celebrated the Unsung Hero Awards to download the full list.

Congratulations to our Winners:

  • Inspiring Voices - DH
  • Working Together Award - West Midlands Panel for the Protection of Trafficked Children, Barnardo’s
  • Helping Hand Award - Carmel Bartlett & Jayne Pezzulo, Doncaster Child Exploitation Team
  • Safer Environments Award - Joanne Ross, Lorraine Brook, Adele Baran, Alison Ryan, Bobbi Hughes, Lucy Nowlin & Tanja Boulongne - The Safe project

Well done to all those who were nominated for an award.

Presentation Downloads

Keynote Presentations

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Dr Ella Cockbain, UCL Department of Security and Crime Science
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Evan Jones, St Giles Trust

Alison Gardner, University of Nottingham

Tuesday 26th March 2019

NSPCC Protect & Respect
Nicky Mitchell & Steph Quinn, NSPCC
(SIG 1 11.25, Suite 1A)
No slides used

Introduction to Serious Youth Violence
Joe Russo, The Enthusiasm Trust
(SIG 1 11.25 & SIG 2 14.10, Suite 1BC)

Sexting – reframing the problem to meet the needs of boys
Jon Needham, Birmingham City Council
(SIG 1 11.25 & SIG 2 14.10, Suite 2AB)

Trauma its impact on the Brain, Body and Nervous system
Gurjit Singh Basi, RDASH CAMHS LAC Team
(SIG 1 11.25 & SIG 2 14.10, Suite 2C)

How does it feel to be a child trafficked into UK? –an experiential case study
Barnardo’s Independent Child Advocacy Service
(SIG 1 11.25 & SIG 2 14.10, Suite 3A)
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Sharing learning from the BME workers Train the trainers programme
Zlakha Ahmed, Apna Haq
(SIG 1 11.25 & SIG 2 14.10, Suite 3BC)

The TARGET Project
Hayley Brown, Service Six
(SIG 1 11.25 & SIG 4 14.10, Suite 4)

County Lines Indicators, Challenges, and Best Practice Approaches
(SIG 2 14.10, Suite 1A)
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Challenges and Solutions in Child Exploitation Awareness Education. The use of applied theatre
Loudmouth Education & Training
(SIG 2 14.10 & SIG 3 15.10, Banqueting Suite)
No slides used - supporting document available

Security Industry Authority CSE Disruption Support
Matthew Murchington MBE, The Security Industry Authority
(SIG 3 15.10, Suite 1A)
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Voluntary sector role in assisting police/LAs to disrupt criminal exploitation
Lucy Dacey & Sarah Hegarty, The Children’s Society
(SIG 3 15.10 & SIG 4 16.35, Suite 1BC)

How do young men find out about their sexuality safely?
Tim Nicholson, Doncaster Children Services Trust
(SIG 3 15.10 & SIG 4 16.35, Suite 2AB)

Developing critical thinking to help protect young people from CSE; an interactive workshop
Emma Soutar International Centre for Child Protection, University of Kent
(SIG 3 15.10 & SIG 4 16.35, Suite 2C)

Safety Planning for Children Trafficked into UK
Barnardo’s Independent Child Advocacy Service
(SIG 3 15.10 & SIG 4 16.35, Suite 3A)

Street-Strong, Street-Safe - Child Criminal Exploitation – Enhanced Youth Engagement
Dean Coady OBE, Urban Pure Solutions
(SIG 3 15.10 & SIG 4 16.35, Suite 3BC)
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Transition to adult services
Steve Baguley, NWG Network
(SIG 4 16.35, Suite 1A)
If you would like to receive a copy of Steve's slides, please contact seengewr.rtv@wntokog

Wednesday 27th March 2019

Transition to adult services
Steve Baguley, NWG Network
(SIG 1 09.30, Suite 1A)
If you would like to receive a copy of Steve's slides, please contact seengewr.rtv@wntokog

Victim or victimiser- factors to consider when children harm others sexually
Kathryn Lawrence & Sharron Wareham, Barnardo’s Cymru
(SIG 1 09.30 & SIG 3 14.40, Suite 1BC)

SEN Healthy Relationships and Child Sexual Exploitation Prevention Resource- Barnardo’s Real Love Rocks
Paula Bowman, Barnardo’s Safer Futures CSE Service
(SIG 1 09.30 & SIG 2 11.40, Suite 2AB)
Unable to share slides

Exploring good practice in investigating and prosecuting child sexual exploitation
Dr Aravinda Kosaraju, University of Kent
(SIG 1 09.30 & SIG 3 14.40, Suite 2AB)
Currently unable to share slides

Specialist Intervention – Gangs, County Lines and Child Criminal Exploitation
Gavin McKenna, Reach Every Generation
(SIG 1 09.30 & SIG 3 14.40, Suite 3BC)
Currently unable to share slides

Applied Theatre Performance: Crossing the Line – Abuse in Sport
AlterEgo Creative Solutions Ltd
(SIG 1 09.30, Banqueting Suite)
No slides used

We Need To Talk About...CONSENT
Kirstin Lamb, Nottinghamshire County Council
(SIG 2 11.40, Suite 1A)

BOYS2, identification, assessment and intervention with boys and young men impacted by CSA/E
Sharron Wareham, Rachael Phillips, Rachel Marcarian, Paul Matthews & 4 young people, Barnardo’s Cymru
(SIG 2 11.40, Suite 1BC)

Working in Partnership- With a Difference
Lesley McNay,The Magdalene Group & Sylwia Sakowicz-Scott, Barnardo’s
(SIG 2 11.40 Suite 2C & SIG 3 14.40, Suite 2AB)

Abianda: Working effectively with gang-affected young women
Morag Dempsey, Abianda
(SIG 2 11.40, Suite 3A)

Working Alongside Families: Experts by Experience
Maria Cassidy, NWG Network
(SIG 2 11.40, Suite 3BC)
If you would like to receive a copy of Maria's slides, please contact mrangewr.rai@wntokog

Child Exploitation Risk Assessment and Disruption tactics
DS Davyd Catt, Avon and Somerset Constabulary
(SIG 2 11.40 & SIG 3 14.40, Suite 4)

Safeguarding in Sport
Kev Murphy, NWG Network
If you would like to receive a copy of Kev's slides, please contact kvnngewr.rei@wntokog

If you have any queries please contact us via the event hotline on 01332 227778


Tuesday 26th March 2019

Please note, all speakers, timings and content are subject to change.

10:00Welcome, Sheila Taylor MBE
10:15Keynote Presentation, SPACE
11:00Refreshment Break
11:25Special Interest Group 1
13:25Keynote Presentation, Dr Ella Cockbain, UCL Department of Security and Crime Science
14:10Special Interest Group 2
15:10Special Interest Group 3
16:10Refreshment Break
16:35Special Interest Group 4
17:35Conference Close
19:45Drinks Reception & Conference Dinner

Wednesday 27th March 2019

Please note, all speakers, timings and content are subject to change.

09:30Special Interest Group 1
10:30Keynote Presentation, Dr Alison Gardner, University of Nottingham
11:15Refreshment Break
11:40Special Interest Group 2
13:40Keynote Presentation, Evan Jones, St Giles Trust
14:25Sheila Taylor MBE
14:40Special Interest Group 3
15:40Refreshments & Networking
16:30Conference Close

Speakers and Facilitators


Dr Ella Cockbain

Keynote Speaker
Dr Ella Cockbain is a lecturer in Security and Crime Science at University College London (UCL) and previous ‘Future Research Leaders’ fellow of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). Her research focuses on serious and organised crime and its prevention, in particular human trafficking, child sexual exploitation and labour exploitation. She teaches and publishes widely on these topics, including peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters and several edited collections. Her recent book, Offender and Victim Networks in Human Trafficking (2018), is based on in-depth analysis of investigative case files and court records and original in-depth interviews across major complex CSE cases, including ones in Derby, Rochdale, Rotherham and Telford. Ella has collaborated with organisations across the public, private and third sectors, including the National Crime Agency, numerous police forces and leading charities Unseen UK and Barnardo’s. She has contributed at national and international level to policy, strategy, training and practical interventions to combat trafficking and exploitation (‘modern slavery’).

Dr Alison Gardner

Keynote Speaker
Dr Alison Gardner leads the Governance Programme at the University of Nottingham’s ‘Rights Lab’, a trans-disciplinary research platform focussed on helping to end slavery by 2030. She won the 2018 Marsh Prize for Community Activism in Combating Slavery, and was named amongst the UK’s Top 100 Modern Slavery Influencers for 2018. Her work focusses on developing place and community-based responses to modern slavery, including campaigning work to develop slavery-free cities. She has career experience and expertise in local government and public policy, including 15 years working in senior policy and performance-related roles in local councils, the Civil Service, the Local Government Association and the Improvement and Development Agency.

Evan Jones

Keynote Speaker
Evan works for St Giles Trust, a charity that supports ex-offenders and other vulnerable groups. He has developed and works on a range of projects including SOS Gangs, Gamechangers Family Support and Through the Gate and community projects in Wales.

St Giles Trust was among the first agencies to identify and campaign on county lines, raising awareness and are now delivering county lines support services in London and elsewhere.

Evan has worked in homelessness and offender services since the late 80s both in the statutory and voluntary sectors. His roles have included resettlement, shared housing management, floating support, street outreach, housing allocation and now at St Giles Trust he develops new projects, manages existing ones and chases funding for both.

St Giles Trust are a medium sized charity working in prisons and the community in Wales and England, delivering a range of support services that focus on those deemed hardest to reach. St Giles train and employ former service users to deliver its services; providing credible and capable staff who clients want to engage with; this is the Peer Advisor model and runs through all our work.

Evan will be referencing the recent Evaluation and Scoping Reports produced for the Home Office that have linked school exclusion to involvement in county lines drug dealing- these can be downloaded at:


Keynote Speaker
Having experienced utter devastation from the impact of Child Criminal Exploitation (County Lines) over a prolonged period, and triggered and tested every professional intervention currently available, what has sadly been evident is that the general response is ill-equipped at best and damaging and /or life-threatening at worst.

This traumatic and challenging journey has led to a mission to safeguard young people entrenched in County Lines and better support their families by raising much-needed awareness of:

- Indicators to equip all those encountering County Lines young people - Police, professionals, practitioners and parents, schools, British Transport Police and private vehicle hire firms - to recognise the signs;
- Failures in the current systems in order to improve professional responses so young people are safeguarded sooner and risks minimised;
- Best-practice professional approaches when dealing with County Lines, including actions to ease the burden and suffering of parents and families;
- Effectiveness of the ‘lived experience’ of ex-County Lines gang workers and why they offer the best chance of successfully engaging young people out of CCE.
- The links between CCE, CSE and Radicalisation.


East Midlands Conference Centre & The Orchard Hotel

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We are pleased to confirm that we are returning to the East Midlands Conference Centre with accommodation at the on-site 4* De Vere Orchard Hotel.