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Understanding the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) in the context of CSE

Tuesday 9th February 2016 at NWG Network Headquarters

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If you work for the Police, UKBA , Social worker, Designated Doctor/nurse, or an LSCB, you may a first responder for the NRM.

The NRM is a victim identification process, it identifies that a victim has been subject to a serious crime, in the context of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) (Human Trafficking) of a child. In relation to CSE there is no similar statutory mechanism for the positive identification of victim and crime.
Without the referral the identification process is dependent on the subjective opinion of an untrained individual making the decision.

Learn how to submit high quality referrals, which could have the following advantages;

  • Referral to the NRM will identify that there is a victim and not a willing participant.
  • The NRM will identify that an offence of Human Trafficking/CSE is being or has been committed which should instigate an investigation/safeguarding review.
  • The issues of age or consent can be rendered irrelevant as a defence.
  • It helps to explain the behaviour of the victims through control, fear of reprisal, and retribution.
  • It addresses some of the difficulties when dealing with cases that involve young people between the ages of 16 to 18 yrs.
  • It helps to change the dynamic in court by presenting the children as a group of identified Human Trafficking victims. And the defendants as an Organised Crime Group of Human Traffickers.
  • The Trafficking offences are a life style offence for Proceeds Of Crime.
  • Maximum sentence for Trafficking is now Life imprisonment
  • Eligibility for special measures and the most appropriate special measure for them.
  • A statutory defence of trafficking for offences committed as part of the exploitation
  • Section 1 (1) Protection of Children Act 1978, indecent photographs of children; this is a significant control factor in this type of offence.

Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the Council of Europe Convention Against Human Trafficking and understand the international definition of Trafficked Human Beings in relation to the National Referral Mechanism. Participants will gain the skills to submit high quality referrals to the NRM ensuring the best possible outcomes

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On completion of the course delegates will receive a certificate and the NWG NRM course electronic badge that can be displayed on their emails.

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Please note, this event is now fully booked.

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Tuesday 9th February 2016

Please note, lunch will be provided.

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