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Neuropsychology 2: Cognitive Assessment

Friday 29th September 2017 at BPS Offices, Tabernacle Street, London

This is the second of a series of four workshops intended to offer counselling psychologists knowledge of neuropsychology, approaches to assessment and informing therapeutic intervention. This workshop builds upon the knowledge of brain anatomy and physiology (previous workshop).

This workshop focuses on the psychological assessment of cognitive abilities, in particular the use of cognitive psychometric assessment tools, such as the WAIS-IV, the RBANS and the K-DEF. Delegates will become familiar with not only the basic principles of psychometric assessments but the more advanced considerations of domains, patterns of results and how these might provide more information than specific numerical score results obtained.

This workshop will be particularly useful for those psychologists at the end of their accredited training or post qualified who have not had the opportunity to engage in psychometric training or neuropsychology. This will be a combination of both theory and hands on practice so attendees will be able to take their learning back to their workplace.

Learning outcomes and objectives:

  1. Consider the issues specific to counselling psychologists in the use of psychometric measures
  2. Understanding the principles underlying use of psychometric measures
  3. Know how to extend the use of measures, such as WAIS-IV, to consider neuropsychological issues
  4. Know how to consider and present results in terms of domains
  5. Consider how to integrate results to work with clients

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Friday 29th September 2017

Please note this is a draft agenda and subject to change.

09:30Arrival & refreshments
10:00Workshop starts
12:30Lunch break & networking - please note lunch is not provided
13:00Workshop continues
16:30Workshop closes


BPS Offices, Tabernacle Street, London

The British Psychological Society, 30 Tabernacle Street, London, EC2A 4UE

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