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Neuropsychology 1: Brain anatomy & physiology

Monday 1st April 2019 at National Council For Voluntary Organisations, London

This workshop will explore the anatomy and physiology of the brain and how this knowledge contributes to our ability to provide effective psychological interventions/support to all our clients. We will examine normal and abnormal brain anatomy, normal and abnormal physiology and how these might be investigated. Throughout the workshop delegates will be encouraged to consider how they can apply this to their own practise area.

The workshop is the first of a series of four planned to provide counselling psychologists with neuropsychological knowledge to apply within their own area of practise. Delegates are advised to attend these workshops in order to gain the maximum from their attendance as delegates will be encouraged to carry out work between workshops to aid integration of neuropsychology into their practice. Each workshop will encourage delegates to consider how their learning maps onto the Neuropsychology competences.

Learning outcomes and objectives:

  • Know normal and abnormal brain anatomy
  • Know normal and abnormal brain physiology
  • Know the medical procedures used to investigate brain functioning
  • Consider a number of disorders considered to have neurological causes in the neuroscience world
  • Consider applications of knowledge of brain anatomy and physiology in current psychological

Who is the course intended for?

This workshop will be particularly useful for those psychologists at the end of their accredited training or post qualified who wish to extend their neuropsychological knowledge. This will be a combination of both theory and practice so attendees will be able to take their learning back to their workplace.

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Monday 1st April 2019

Please note, all speakers, timings and content are subject to change.

09:30Arrival and refreshments
10:00Workshop starts
12:30Lunch (not provided) and networking
13:15Workshop continues

Speakers and Facilitators

Susan van Scoyoc

Susan has over thirty years of experience of practice in clinical, forensic and therapeutic settings. She is a registered test user using ability and personality testing regularly in her clinical practice. Susan has integrated neuropsychological competences in her practice and has taught this workshop on several postgraduate counselling psychology courses.


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