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NAPEP Annual Course 2018

'Values in Leadership for Principal Educational Psychologists' - Principled Psychologists?

Friday 11th May 2018 at Hilton York

The purpose of our annual CPD meeting is to:

  • explore the role of values in the leadership of public sector organisations
  • consider how to keep teams engaged in time of change and transition
  • consider what fairness and equality mean in systems with core and traded services?
  • Reflect on how we influence without using power
  • What do person centred approaches mean in practice?

Our annual meeting will include inspirational speakers and the opportunity to engage in workshop sessions to apply what we have learned to our own context.

We are pleased to announce the Course programme is now available.

Keynote Speakers & Presentations

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Sanchita Hosali, British Institute of Human Rights
Human rights: from values to practice

2018 sees the 70th anniversary of universal human rights, and making them real here at home through the Human Rights Act; yet how often do we move beyond values and translate the law into a tool for principled practice? Sanchita will explore why human rights are integral to the delivery of public services, enabling practitioners to redresses power imbalances, to influence and secure outcomes that focus on people equal dignity. At a time when services are stretched and risk-adverse, human rights can deliver a new approach which focuses on preventing poor practice and provides a value-base that brings together practitioners and people using services.

Vikki Jervis, Joint Principal Educational Psychologist at Bristol City EPS
Leadership in Educational Psychology Services: A summary of doctoral research

The overall aim of Vikki's research was to understand the experiences and perceptions of promoted post holders in EP services and she answered 4 research questions:

1. Why do EPs apply for promotes posts and what experiences influence their decisions?
2. What are the experiences of starting first promoted posts and how can this inform us of the support necessary for those embarking on a promoted post?
3. How do EPs develop a leadership knowledge base and what is the leadership knowledge base amongst promoted post holders?
4. How can leadership in EP services be improved?

Linda Jordan, The National Development Team for Inclusion
Values in Leadership

The SEND Reforms introduced in September 2014 were heralded as visionary and were seen as the answer to the many problems inherent in the SEN system. However, there has been a lot of media criticism from parents, schools and others and the Ofsted/CQC inspections are highlighting many challenges. Leadership is seen as one of the major barriers to realising the vision embedded in the Reforms. What is leadership and can leadership operate outside of values?

Andy Lloyd, Leeds City Council
Restorative Leadership in Practice

This presentation will explore how adopting restorative practice as a core behaviour in Leeds Children’s Service has helped them on their journey from inadequate to good. It will mainly focus on the principles of restorative practice but will also show that a commitment to child friendly policies and to a clear workforce development strategy helps embed system change.

Rachael Wardell
The Strategic Triangle A Model for Public Value Leadership

The private sector seeks to create private value (financial profit). The public sector seeks to create public value; but what public value is, is much more difficult to define. The “Strategic Triangle” helps public service leaders to understand the elements that need to be in place to deliver public value, ensuring that social goals are delivered in a way that is legitimate and trusted by the public.

Registration is now open. If you have any queries please contact us via the event hotline on 01332 224506.


Friday 11th May 2018

Please note this is a draft programme and may be subject to change

08:45Registration, Refreshments & Networking
09:30Welcome & Opening Remarks - Malcolm W Taylor, NAPEP Chair 2016-18
09:40Public Value - Rachael Wardell, West Berkshire Council - With time for table discussions: Issues, reflections and Q&A
10:30Refreshments & Networking
11:00Title TBC - Linda Jordan, The National Development Team for Inclusion - With time for table discussions: Issues, reflections and Q&A
11:45Human rights: from values to practice - Sanchita Hosali, British Institute of Human Rights - With time for table discussions: Issues, reflections and Q&A
12:40Lunch & Networking
13:40Annual General Meeting - NAPEP Executive Officers - Reports from Chair 2016-2018: Malcolm Taylor; Secretary: Nigel Pattinson & Treasurer: Mohammed Bham - Welcome to incoming NAPEP Chair 2018-2020: Liz Robinson
14:15Restorative Leadership in Practice - Andy Lloyd, Leeds City Council - With time for table discussions: Issues, reflections and Q&A
15:00Refreshments & Networking
15:20Leadership in Educational Psychology Services: A summary of doctoral research - Dr Vikki Jervis, Bristol City Council - With time for table discussions: Issues, reflections and Q&A
16:00Closing remarks - Liz Robinson, incoming NAPEP Chair
16:15Course Close

Speakers and Facilitators


Rachael Wardell

Rachael Wardell has just come to the end of 5 years as Corporate Director, Communities at West Berkshire Council, and on 14 May joins the London Borough of Merton as Director of Children, Schools and Families. She is also the Chair of the ADCS Workforce Development Policy Committee and a director of both The Staff College and Skills for Care.

Rachael has been engaged in public service leadership for more than twenty years and is committed to supporting the development of the next generation of public service leaders. Trained in restorative, dialogic and solution focused approaches, she coaches and mentors people who are in or are aspiring to public service leadership roles.

Sanchita Hosali

Sanchita is a recognised expert in human rights and equality law, policy and practice, with over fifteen years of working both in the UK and internationally. As Director at BIHR Sanchita provides strategic leadership and management, overseeing operations, with a lead role in policy and campaigning. Sanchita has a particular expertise in addressing violence against women from a human rights perspective. She has been an academic researcher, worked as a freelance researcher, and lead policy and strategy development at a range of other organisations. Sanchita was previously the Chair of Rights of Women, a national legal organisation, overseeing the organisation’s constitution as a charity. Sanchita holds an LLM Human Rights Law and an LLB in Law.


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