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NAPEP Annual Course 2017

SEMH Matters

Friday 12th May 2017 at the Macdonald Hotel & Spa, Manchester

Our professional development meeting provides a critical opportunity to consider strategic and operational aspects of the delivery of services to support children & young people with SEMH needs, whilst also considering our own needs in relation to emotional wellbeing.

  • Engagement activities & practice examples
  • Promoting and Commissioning Educational Psychology Services in the field of SEMH
  • NAPEP AGM Priorities for 2017/18
  • Influencing the National Agenda: Liz Robinson (Chair Elect) & Malcolm W Taylor (Chair)
  • Feedback from the talks with the Minister of State for Vulnerable Children and Families

Principal/Lead Educational Psychologists & members of EPS Senior Leadership teams are invited to attend.

Leadership supervision for managers of educational psychology services, presentation by Dr Cathy Atkinson and Dr Sue Posada:

This session will explore the experiences of managers of educational psychology services in receiving supervision. It will draw on focus group data which reveals how a number of principal educational psychologists commission, receive and utilise supervision; and how they use this to develop practice within the service. It is hoped that attendees will be open to discussion of their own experiences of supervision for leadership, and that the session will identify possible avenues for future research.


Friday 12th May 2017

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Speakers and Facilitators


Dr Charmian Hobbs

Keynote Speaker
BPS Division of Educational & Child Psychology

Charmian Hobbs has worked as an educational psychologist for many years in local authorities. She has supported the doctoral training programme at Newcastle and Sheffield Universities. Currently she works as a narrative therapy trainer. She is a member of the Division of Educational and Child Psychology Committee (British Psychological Society) and was part of the group that produced the “Delivering Psychological Therapies in Schools and Communities” document and co-edited “Using qualitative research to hear the voice of children and young people: the work of British educational psychologists”.

Dr Kevin Rowland

Keynote Speaker
Principal Educational Psychologist

Dr Cathy Atkinson

Keynote Speaker
Curriculum Director of DEdChPsy Programme

Dr Susan Posada

Lead Educational Psychologist


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