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Reflecting on marginalised groups in psychological practice: can we truly be an ally?

Monday 9th July 2018 at BPS Offices, Tabernacle Street, London

The Minorities in Clinical Psychology of the Division of Clinical Psychology Pre-qualification Training Group is a group passionate about equality and diversity who are committed to the development and sustainability of the profession of clinical psychology and mental health services as a whole.

We are excited to announce our 2018 conference ‘Reflecting on marginalised groups in psychological practice: can we truly be an ally?.’

The conference will provide an opportunity to hear from:

  • Dr Jay Watts - a consultant clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, media contributor and activist drawing on psychoanalysis, psychology and social theory to help individuals.
  • Guilaine Kinouani - an (aspiring) intersectional feminist, a therapist an equality consultant and a (3 times award nominated) writer. Guilaine is the founder of the minorities group and is in her final year of completing her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology; with her thesis focusing on racial trauma.
  • Michaela Booth - an undergraduate Criminology student and Longford Trust Scholar. After serving two years in a female prison, she was released and pursued a career in the criminal justice sector, securing a job as a National Patient Engagement Lead with Care UK. Michaela’s passion is for equality and diversity for marginalised groups. She has been a prison leaver mentor and worked in prison in reach for a local women’s centre. Currently sits on the Care UK diversity and inclusion steering group for Health in Justice.

In addition to the keynote speakers, there will be an opportunity to join reflective groups and reflect on the challenges that come with becoming an ally and how we can support marginalised communities within and outside of our practices.

Learning outcomes and objectives

  • Identifying the challenges, pitfalls and problems in becoming an ally
  • Reflecting on marginalised groups
  • Contributing ideas for an action plan to becoming a good ally
  • Applying this in psychology practise

Who is this course intended for?

The course is open to aspiring psychologists, trainees and qualified psychologists, service users and carers and those interested in the field of mental health and supporting marginalised groups.

Find out more about the minorities group

Minorities Group Website
Email: mnrte.pgalcmioiisc@mi.o
Facebook: Minorities in Clinical Psychology Training Group
Twitter: ‪@MinoritiesGroup

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Monday 9th July 2018

Please note, all speakers, timings and content are subject to change.

09:45Opening Remarks - Runa Dawood, Co-Chair Minorities group
10:00Ilan Ben-Zion (Clinical Psychologist)
11:00Dr Jay Watts (Clinical Psychologist) - Is it possible to be a psychologist and an ally?
12:00Reflective groups – The problems
13:30Michaela Booth (Former Prisoner) - Diversity: A Culture Change
14:30Guilaine Kinouani (Psychologist) - Racial Trauma at Work and Organisation Apathy
15:30Reflective groups - The action plan
16:30Feedback from the attendees of the solutions discussed
16:45Closing remarks
17:00Event Close


BPS Offices, Tabernacle Street, London

30 Tabernacle Street, London, EC2A 4UE •  Directions

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