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4th Military Psychology Conference; Resilience through Change

Tuesday 3rd November 2015 at The Ark Conference Centre, Basingstoke

This very successful annual conference continues to bring together experts working within and with its partner professions in the field of Military Psychology. The British Armed Forces are facing continuing flux in their involvement in challenges around the world, and how they operate with their partners within defence and security. These challenges are also experienced by families of serving military personnel, reservists and veterans. This 4th Military Psychology Conference will address the current models of resilience and whether they are fitness for purpose and how in practice resilience develops in individuals, teams and groups. As ever, the conference also provides a personal reflection to help inform the work of practitioners and policy makers.


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Presentation Downloads

Please find the presentations that we are able to share with you from the Conference. If we receive any further presentations they will be added to this page.

Keynote Presentations

Resilience through change: A century of British military psychology 1915-2015
Prof Jamie Hacker Hughes

Prof Sir Simon Wessely - we are unable to share this presentation

Personal Reflections: Running Through Depression - we are unable to share this presentation
Rob Shenton


Achieving impact through research: mutual understanding of customer and researcher worlds - no presentation used
Liz Edgar

Parallel Session Presentations

Serving Military 11.05 Parallel Session

The Experience of Acute Mortal Peril and its Impact on the Paratrooper's subsequent life.
Dr Lucy Longhurst

Have you heard the one about" Modifying attitudes to Mental Health using Comedy as a Delivery Method.
Christine Twardzicki

Evaluation of Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) for the Armed Services Community - we are unable to share this presentation
Dr Mustafa Sarkar

Serving Military & Reservists 14.10 Parallel Session

MoD Reserves Mental Health Programme: Transition Experiences in Self, Family and Work should inform Changes in Healthcare Practice - we are unable to share this presentation
Dr Jeya Balakrishna

A model of Mental Resilience for the UK Military
Capt Duncan Precious

Serving Military 14.10 Parallel Session

Exploring Trust in Emergency Messages from different Modes of Communication
Dr Elizabeth Hellier

Uniformed Identity in Transition: A phenomenological exploration of duel occupational identity in the uniformed services
Dr Kevin Wilson-Smith

Serving military & Veterans 15.25 Parallel Session

PTSD Rates in Polytrauma and Traumatic Limb Loss in a Military Population: a response to a gap in knowledge identified at the 3rd BPS Military and Veterans
Dr Imogen Sturgeon-Clegg

Mental Health and Functional Impairment outcomes following a Six Week Treatment Programme for UK Military Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): a Naturalistic study - we are unable to share this presentation
Dr Dominic Murphy

The Transition process, Trauma and Rebuilding Resilience
Dr Adrian Needs

Families 15.25 Parallel Session

Supporting Geographically Dispersed Service Families.
Paula Glover

I'm still fighting for the two of us": How Partners of UK Veterans construct their Experience of living with Combat-related Trauma.
Emily Doncaster

A Sense of Belonging and Identity to Enhance Resilience in Military Families
Dr/ Lt Col Lizzy Bernthal

Poster Presentations

What are the barriers to trying to reach, and work with, Forces Families? Reading Force
Dr Alison Baverstock

An Evidence-Based Approach to the Design of Risk Communications for Nuclear Emergencies
Prof Judy Edworthy

Understanding the effect of communication mode on the way in which emergency messages are transmitted between people.
Prof Judy Edworthy

Warrior to Peacemaker: Exploring the Changed Military Mind
Nicole George

Sad, mad or glad? The mental health of UK military partners
Rachael Gribble

From fragility to flourishing: A new model of resilience.
Dr Nimmi Hutnik

A Qualitative Study of Veteran Clients using employment and housing services in Southern California: Exploring the risk factors to persistent employment problems
Dr Mary Keeling

Service Parents' and Adolescents' Challenges and Experiences (SPACE) study - we are unable to share this presentation
Nathan Parnell

Transition and other key dimensions of human resilience in military settings
Dai Williams

If you have any queries please contact us via the event hotline on 01332 227775.


Tuesday 3rd November 2015

Please note these are provisional timings, we are working on finalising the event programme. The provisional programme can be viewed in full in the Additional Information below.

09:05Opening Remarks
09:20Flash talks for posters
09:50Keynote: Prof Jamie Hacker Hughes
10:30Refreshment break and poster viewing
11:05Parallel presentations
13:15Keynote: Prof Sir Simon Wesseley
14:10Parallel presentations
15:05Refreshment break and poster viewing
15:25Parallel presentations
16:55Personal Reflection: Rob Shenton
17:30Closing Remarks

Speakers and Facilitators


Professor Sir Simon Wessely

Keynote Speaker
Director King’s College London’s Centre for Military Health Research
President, Royal Institute of Psychiatrists

Simon is currently the Chair and Head of the Department of Psychological Medicine at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London. He is also a Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist at King’s and Maudsley Hospitals, which means that his main clinical work is in the general hospital or seeing patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. He is Vice Dean for Academic Psychiatry at the Institute of Psychiatry, with a wide range of responsibilities including medical education.


Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes

Keynote Speaker
Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes is a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, clinical neuropsychologist, EMDR consultant and PTSD and trauma specialist with special expertise in military and veteran psychological health.

He is Visiting Professor of Military Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University in the Veterans and Families Institute and Visiting Professor of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire and has an independent psychological health consultancy and a practice in Central London, specialising in the treatment of trauma and anxiety and other disorders.

Jamie is now the 81st President (2015-2016) of the British Psychological Society and is patron of a number of charities & organisations.


Rob Shenton

Keynote Speaker
Rob classes himself as a normal person who has done some very extraordinary things. Brought up on a council estate in Cheshire, Rob has always set himself high goals. From the age of eight Rob set his heart on becoming an Army Officer. His determination and good nature saw him gain a degree, pass out from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, lead men on operations and become a Chartered Engineer all by the age of twenty seven. However after then Rob describes the rest of career as the “wilderness years”. It was not until his father was dying of lung cancer that Rob faced the reality that he himself was not well and sought help for depression. Through his treatment and his love for running, Rob started to make sense of the world. When his father passed away he made one simple vow, that every time he got breathless, like those suffering with lung cancer do, he would make it count and raise money for charity. He set himself a challenge of running the toughest, highest and coldest foot races in the world. Through this journey Rob has learnt many lessons that he gets across in his presentation. One key element is he actually tries to describe what the symptoms of depression are actually like, where he tries to brings to life what having a “feeling of profound sadness” can actually mean to the sufferer.


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