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Communication in Undergraduate Medical Education

Theme: Patient involvement and communication education

Wednesday 11 March 2015 at Manchester Meeting Place, The University of Manchester

Bookings for this event closed at 4pm on Tuesday 10th March 2015

Please note, there has been a change to the venue - the event will now take place in Manchester Meeting Place.

Welcome to the website for the fourth Manchester Communication Conference run jointly by the University of Manchester and the UK Council of Clinical Communication.

We have extended the early bird booking deadline until Midnight on Sunday 8th February 2015.

This one day conference is aimed at educators (teachers, clinicians, simulated patients, and patient educators) who teach clinical communication, and medical students. While the emphasis is on undergraduate medical education – based on our previous conferences, representatives of most UK medical schools will be present – our experience is that the day will also be very helpful for those who educate doctors in postgraduate training.

The intention is to share innovative, best practice within UK clinical communication education. Please consider attending and offering a workshop or presentation on any aspect of clinical communication education, particularly on the theme of patient involvement in education and healthcare. In the past, participants have enjoyed a range of research presentations, developmental workshops and innovative teaching ideas at undergraduate, postgraduate and staff development levels.

Details of how to submit an abstract for consideration by the scientific committee are below.

We are delighted that the programme opens with a keynote talk by Professor Angela Towle, University of British Columbia, followed by parallel sessions [oral presentations, workshops, innovations]. Posters will be displayed all day and authors will be by their posters at lunch. Parallel sessions continue through the afternoon, concluding with a presentation by the Manchester Medical School Performance Collective and a panel discussion.

Please note that this conference is run on a low budget by medical educators for other medical educators. We hope you will be able to come to Manchester and share your work.

There will be free wi-fi access if required - you will need to ask at registration to set this up for the day.

Call for Oral & poster presentations, symposia, and workshops

Extended submission deadline: Midnight, Friday 16th January 2015.

Each abstract must be submitted according to the instructions, please click here to download guidelines.

Abstracts should be submitted by email to the chair of the conference scientific committee [Dr Sarah Collins]: srhclismnhse.cuaa.oln@acetra.k by Midnight, Friday 16th January 2015.

Decisions will be circulated as soon as possible.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Angela Towle is associate professor in the Department of Medicine.

Abstract: Words matter: patients teaching students about communication
Communication teaching in medical schools emphasizes communication as a skill. Educational approaches that explicitly focus on the actual words and meanings of communication are rare. The effects of language are unlike many other things medical students learn within the dominant objective, scientific educational paradigm: that the effects of language are different in different contexts; that what is considered an 'appropriate term' changes over time; that there are no guarantees about getting it right. Using examples of what students learn from patients about the uses, meanings and effects of language, I will argue that health professionals need opportunities to reflect on particular and contextualized instances of language use so they can come to see the nuance and complexity in the effects language choices have on patients and colleagues.


Please contact the University of Manchester ConferCare for preferential rates at local city centre hotels, quoting 'Patient Involvement & Communication'
Telephone 0161 306 8801
Email: cnecr-niemnhse.cuofraeoln@acetra.k

Please note, bookings for this event closed at 4pm on Tuesday 10th March 2015

If you have any queries please contact us via the event hotline on 01332 227772.


Wednesday 11th March 2015

A full agenda can be downloaded at the bottom of the event page.

09:00Coffee and registration
09:40Plenary: ‘Words matter: patients teaching students about communication’
10:50Session 1: Workshops
13:05Session 2: Workshops
14:30Coffee and Posters
15:00Session 3: Oral presentations and innovation
15:45Manchester Medical School Performance Collective

Speakers and Facilitators


Dr Angela Towle

Angela is the co-founder, with William Godolphin, of the Division of Health Care Communication in the College of Health Disciplines at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada, and is its Co-Director. The Division has a research and development focus on patient /client involvement in health care decision-making and in health professional education. The Division has developed, implemented and evaluated several innovative educational programs that involve patients and community members as educators for medical and other health professional students. These include an interprofessional Health Mentors program, a Patient and Community Voices workshop series, a Patient and Community Fair (Allies in Health), and workshops on health advocacy co-created and co-facilitated by representatives of community-based organizations.

Angela is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine and Senior Scholar in the Centre for Health Education Scholarship at UBC. In February 2013 she was appointed Academic Director for the UBC Learning Exchange with a responsibility to strengthen engagement between the university and Vancouver’s inner city (Downtown Eastside) communities. Between 2002 and 2010 she was the Associate Dean, MD Undergraduate Education, Curriculum & Vancouver Fraser Medical Program in the Faculty of Medicine.

Angela has over 25 years experience of medical education research, curriculum and faculty development at UBC and in the UK.


Manchester Meeting Place, University of Manchester

Manchester Meeting Place, Sackville Street, Manchester, M13 9PL

Manchester Meeting Place is few minutes walk from Manchester Piccadilly railway station. The latter is only 20 minutes or so from Manchester Airport.