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Following on from the UK Government's advice regarding COVID-19, we want to confirm that Language World 2020 is going ahead and we look forward to welcoming you to Manchester.

Language World 2020: ALL Working Together

Friday 13 - Saturday 14 March 2020 at Renaissance Manchester City Centre

The Association for Language Learning’s annual conference and CPD event offers a packed programme with speakers from across the languages sector which attracts up to 250 participants a day, with a large number coming from primary and secondary schools.

- It's an exhibition: a large and varied exhibition showcasing the latest in language learning resources and support

- It's a real boost to your teaching: a great way to recharge your batteries – a two day shot of ideas, advice, debate and inspiration

- It's a celebration: get together with other language teachers from around the UK, and around the world...... at Language World!

Conference Programme

The Language World 2020 programme can be downloaded here.

Presentation Downloads

Plenary Presentations

Modern Languages and Student Mentoring: Digital Innovation and Raising Motivation for Languages in England and Wales - Prof Claire Gorrara & Lucy Jenkins, Cardiff University

Towards a national strategy for languages - Prof Neil Kenny, The British Academy

Creative Translation to Raise Aspiration: Translators in Schools and the Stephen Spender Prize - Charlotte Ryland, Stephen Spender Trust

Languages, curriculum and inspection - Michael Wardle, Ofsted Unable to share slides

Friday 13 March

Session 1

1.1 Working together: Family Language Learning - Angela Sterling - FRENCH Session withdrawn

1.2 Dynamic translation in language teaching: activating student mediators - Katrina Barnes - SPANISH, FRENCH

1.3 Supporting Speaking Skills Through Technology-Facilitated Oral Homework - David Shanks - FRENCH Session withdrawn

1.4 Making Marking Matter - Claire Jones - SPANISH, FRENCH

1.5 Primary Transition: Developing Literacy through the Gruffalo - Jill Snook - GERMAN

Session 2

2.1 Encore! Still with a song in my scheme of work - Steven Fawkes - FRENCH, GERMAN, SPANISH...

2.2 World class teaching: Integrating the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) into your Languages lessons - Suzi Bewell - FRENCH, SPANISH, GERMAN

2.3 Developing intercultural understanding through picture books - Nathalie Paris - FRENCH, GERMAN, SPANISH

2.4 Talking Heads! Consider primary progress and power - Janet Lloyd - FRENCH, SPANISH

2.5 Grammar is fun! - Jennifer Wozniak-Rush - FRENCH

Session 3

3.1 When less is definitely more: integrating planned and spontaneous target language use with content teaching - Rachel Hawkes - SPANISH, FRENCH, GERMAN

3.2 Celebrating cultures and languages through the use of pupil Language Ambassadors - Marian Devons - MULTI-CULTURAL/ COMMUNITY LANGUAGES

3.3 Unlock the curriculum with Latin - Susan Balmer - LATIN

3.4 Cartoons and game-based activities with "1,2,3 ... Tivi5monde!" for primary - Julie Cazaly - FRENCH No slides used

3.5 ADiBE in UK Schools - Kim Bower - SPANISH, ENGLISH Slides pending

Session 4

4.1 Free KS2 French Comprehensive Curriculum: an exciting way forward (including SOW, lesson by lesson resources, assessments) specialists and non-specialists alike! - Katherine Monument - FRENCH

4.2 Schemes of Work for Maximum Impact and High Student Engagement - Julie Hall - FRENCH

4.3 'New' Phonics, or The Life-Changing Magic of Reading Aloud - Julie Prince - FRENCH Session withdrawn

4.4 The Creativity Conundrum - Crista Hazell - FRENCH, GERMAN, SPANISH

4.5 Harnessing the Hive Mind - Clare Seccombe - SPANISH, FRENCH, SOME GERMAN & ITALIAN

Saturday 14 March

Session 5

5.1 Tracking GCSE objectives back to KS3? Beware... - Martine Pillette - FRENCH

5.2 Teaching German - Why we just love it! - Eva Lamb - DELIVERED IN GERMAN

5.3 The making of the #mfltwitterati podcast - Free professional development for your ears - Joe Dale - FRENCH Session withdrawn

5.4 PequeÑo Teatro: Drama Games and Activities with a Small 'Twist' - Carmen Santos - SPANISH

5.5 BBC New Bitesize resources KS2 - ALL LANGUAGES

Session 6

6.1 BBC New Bitesize resources KS3 - ALL LANGUAGES

6.2 Working Together to Teach Primary French - Catherine Cheater - FRENCH

6.3 Spreading the Love - encouraging and enabling primary class teachers to work alongside specialist language teachers to get the language out there - Viki Sage - FRENCH, GERMAN

6.4 Beyond the Sentence - building extended answers and stories - Vincent Everett - FRENCH, SPANISH


Session 7

7.1 Linking Languages and Employability through CLIL - Sarah O'Neill - FRENCH, GERMAN, SPANISH

7.2 Primary Schools can achieve the International Schools Award too! - Helen Stokes - FRENCH, SPANISH, GERMAN, MANDARIN, ITALIAN

7.3 Intergenerational Connections: Can language teaching enable interaction between the generations? - Barbara Gleave - FRENCH Unable to share slides

7.4 Practical Ideas for Primary MFL - Kerry Phipps - FRENCH

7.5 Get their Eyes to Shine: Maximise Your Impact for MFL Learners - Candida Javaid - GERMAN Session withdrawn

If you have any queries please contact us via the event hotline on 01332 224504.


This event is made possible through the generous support of the following organisations:


Speakers and Facilitators


Prof Claire Gorrara

Claire Gorrara is Dean of Research Environment and Culture at Cardiff University and Professor of French. She is the academic lead for the MFL Mentoring Programme in Wales and the Language Horizons Programme in England. She researches in the areas of multilingualism and curriculum development, most recently, ‘Multilingual Perspectives: Preparing for Language Learning in the New Curriculum for Wales’, forthcoming in The Curriculum Journal (2020) with L. Jenkins, E. Jepson and T. Llewelyn Machin.

Lucy Jenkins

Lucy is the National Coordinator for the MFL Student Mentoring Project, based at Cardiff University, and has recently taken on the role of Project Manager for Language Horizons, a DfE funded digital mentoring project for languages. In the 18 months Lucy has also acted as a research assistant on an AHRC Open World Research Initiative project. Lucy is developing her expertise in pedagogical approaches to language learning both at a research and practical level. Currently working with particular interest on the interface between mentoring, learner motivation and online technology, Lucy has been instrumental in developing Language Horizons, and is looking to advance her work on engagement factors impacting upon uptake of MFLs as well as pedagogical approaches to teaching languages. Lucy has published on the work of the MFL Student Mentoring in a variety of forums.

Prof Neil Kenny

Neil Kenny is Lead Fellow for Languages at the British Academy. He is Professor of French at the University of Oxford and Senior Research Fellow at All Souls College, having previously taught at other universities. For decades he has been involved in work with schools and colleges and in widening participation.

Charlotte Ryland

Charlotte Ryland is Director of the Stephen Spender Trust and founder of the Queen’s College Translation Exchange in Oxford, organisations dedicated to promoting language-learning, multilingualism and translation. In both of these roles she aims to engage people of all ages and backgrounds in literary translation, to move away from traditional language hierarchies, and to bring creative translation activities into UK schools.

Michael Wardle

Michael Wardle is one of her majesty’s inspectors and subject lead for languages for Ofsted. Before working with Ofsted, he was headteacher at a large, successful 11-18 school in Durham city, which had previously been designated a language college. Prior to headship, he held a variety of positions including officer for modern languages in Durham LA. In the past he coordinated CPD across the North-east of England under the banner of Comenius (an outreach arm for the then CILT, the National Centre for Languages), and wrote training materials for CILT on primary upskilling and vocational programmes 16-19. He has authored German and French textbooks, acted as editor for ALL French language journal Francophonie and more recently advised the Department for Education around some of the practicalities around staffing MFL for the English Baccalaureate as ‘policy fellow’.

Michael inspected schools for over ten years while working in schools, and has experience working with primary, secondary, special schools of all types, and alternative provisions, including PRUs. He also leads local area SEND inspections. Michael holds a doctorate in education.


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