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Language World 2019: Speaking up for Languages

Friday 22 - Saturday 23 March 2019 at Imago, Loughborough

The Association for Language Learning’s annual conference and CPD event offers a packed programme with speakers from across the languages sector which attracts up to 250 participants a day, with a large number coming from primary and secondary schools.

- It's an exhibition: a large and varied exhibition showcasing the latest in language learning resources and support

- It's a real boost to your teaching: a great way to recharge your batteries – a two day shot of ideas, advice, debate and inspiration

- It's a celebration: get together with other language teachers from around the UK, and around the world...... at Language World!

Conference Programme

The Language World 2019 Programme can be downloaded here.

Presentation Downloads

Plenary Presentations

Inspector curriculum and development lead at Ofsted - Michael Wardle, Ofsted Unable to share slides

The Leading Voice for Education - Suzanne O'Farrell, Curriculum and Assessment specialist for ASCL

Mary Glasgow Plenary Lecture: Twenty-five years of not (yet) having a House of Languages - Professor David Crystal, OBE, ALL Patron No slides used

Curriculum Design: Intent, Implementation and Impact - Dr Rachel Hawkes, The Cam Academy

Friday 22 March

Session 1

1.1 The thrill of CLIL! - Nadine Chadier - FRENCH Unable to share slides

1.2 C'est la fête! Providing Students With Opportunities to Celebrate Languages - Amanda Kimberly - NON-LANGUAGE SPECIFIC

1.3 Using the 'Mother Tongue Other Tongue' multilingual poetry competition to boost confidence in languages - Angela De Britos - ENGLISH

1.4 SEND in the Modern Languages Classroom: Focus talk on Autism and Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder in MFL Teaching and Learning - Ellie Johnson - FRENCH, SPANISH

1.5 Leading Little Linguists - a cross-phase approach to primary languages - Ian Collen - FRENCH

Session 2

2.1 Leading Little Linguists - a cross-phase approach to primary languages - Ian Collen - FRENCH

2.2 "I'm a linguist" - developing the skills of linguists in the primary classroom - Vicky Cooke - FRENCH

2.3 Speaking Activities in the Language Classroom - Dominique Böert - GERMAN

2.4 You cannot light a fire with a wet match: practical tips on leading effective languages provision - Duncan Broe - SPANISH, ITALIAN, FRENCH

2.5 Using games to engage, motivate and ensure progression for even the most reluctant primary linguists - Eleanor Chettle Cully - FRENCH, SPANISH

Lunch Session

Language Trends 2019. Preview and discussion of findings - Teresa Tinsley, Vicky Gough - MULTI-SECTOR

Session 3

3.1 How to assess your students' German in Secondary Schools - Karl Pfeiffer, Emma Whittle - GERMAN

3.2 Beyond teaching to the test: promoting languages across the curriculum - Dr Shirley Lawes, Cara Bleiman, Kate Searle - FRENCH, GERMAN, MANDARIN

3.3 "There's always room for a story that can transport people to another place." Supporting learners' understanding and enjoyment of stories in the primary language classroom - Lisa Stevens - SPANISH & OTHERS

3.4 The Role of Oracy in MFL: Maximising Progress, Confidence and Spontaneity in Speaking Skills - Crista Hazell - FRENCH, GERMAN, SPANISH

3.5 I Just Can't Get You Out of My Head - Beyond Earworms in the Use of Music in MFL Teaching - Stephanie Liddle - FRENCH, GERMAN

Session 4

4.1 A whistle stop tour of GCSE Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing ideas - Elaine Bocking, Helen Holmes - FRENCH, GERMAN, SPANISH No slides used

4.2 Can we easily teach French pronunciation...using only English words? - Nathalie Paris - FRENCH

4.3 Why do you do your work in language lessons? Exploring student motivation across the year groups - Dr Abigail Parrish - NON-LANGUAGE SPECIFIC

4.4 Goosebump Learning - Clare Seccombe - FRENCH, SPANISH

4.5 What a picture, what a photograph! Speaking strategies for the new GCSE - Philip Campagna - FRENCH, GERMAN, SPANISH

Saturday 23 March

Session 5

5.1 A picture is worth more than a thousand words - Paco Fernandez - SPANISH, FRENCH

5.2 Easy go-to activities to practise a range of skills - Marion Pellon - FRENCH, SPANISH

5.3 Accessing EAL Learners "Superlinguist" Powers with Technology and Emojis- Natalie Campbell - FRENCH, SPANISH

5.4 CLIL: guidance and practical examples - Sara Montero, Noelia Rivas - SPANISH, FRENCH

5.5 Exploring the potential of authentic resources and collaboration! - Liz Black, Wendy Michallat - FRENCH, GERMAN, SPANISH

Session 6

6.1 "Meaningful fun": skilled-based games in the language classroom - Daniele Bourdais - FRENCH, SOME ENGLISH

6.2 Creative Writing in Key Stage 2 - Sue Cave - FRENCH

6.3 Stay on Target: Teaching for spontaneous language use - Ann Befroy, Suanne Burton - FRENCH, SPANISH

6.4 Listen up! Using digital audio creatively in the languages classroom with apps and web tools - Joe Dale - FRENCH Unable to share slides

6.5 Developing interpersonal and task-based listening - Steve Smith - FRENCH, ENGLISH

Session 7

7.1 Leading a MFL department - building the toolkit- Lisa Probert, Katharine Clark - FRENCH, GERMAN, SPANISH, MANDARIN, ARABIC

7.2 All aboard the merry-go-round! The carousel-style lesson: an effective evidence-based practice in maximising progress in primary foreign languages - Claire Owen - FRENCH

7.3 Grammar is good! Strategies for effective teaching of grammar - Jane Millington - FRENCH

7.4 Oor Wee Famille! Engaging parents, families and communities in primary language learning in Scotland - Clare Mouat - FRENCH, SPANISH, GAELIC, MANDARIN

7.5 Engaging ALL abilities in the new GCSE: class and independent activities, core reference and focused assessment - Helen Myers - FRENCH, GERMAN Session withdrawn

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