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‘If only I had known....’ Lessons for the future of psychology in cancer and palliative care

Monday 23rd June 2014 at The Watershed, Bristol

Workshop overview

This workshop will give clinicians working in cancer and palliative care settings an opportunity to reflect on the development of quality psychological services.

Firstly by drawing on learning from Dr James Brennan's many years of experience as a clinician; researcher; writer and lecturer in the field.

Secondly, Alex King will present a report developed by SIGOPAC which outlines a rigorous, multidimensional framework for evaluating quality & outcomes in psycho-oncology services, which can be flexibly adapted to local needs & priorities. We aim to reflect on how we might use this guidance to inform the development of clinical services and to influence cancer managers and commissioners.

Thirdly, through presentation and discussion of recent research Clinical Doctoral research in the field of Cancer and Palliative Care.

The workshop aims to support SIGOPAC members in the development of psychological services which are of high quality and can demonstrate outcomes. The workshop will finalise Good Practice Guidelines which will support the work of SIGOPAC and the DCP and contribute to services which are fit for purpose and marketable.

Learning outcomes and objectives:

1. Learning from James Brennan's contribution to development of psychological services
2. Development of quality and outcome measurement in psychological services
3. Update on current research developments in cancer and palliative care

Who is the workshop intended for?

The workshop is intended for Psychologists working in cancer and palliative care settings. We would particularly like to welcome trainee Clinical Psychologists.

If you have any queries please contact us via the event hotline on 01332 224506.


Monday 23rd June 2014

09:30Registration and refreshments
10:00Keynote, Dr James Brennan
13:15Keynote, Dr Alex King
14:45Research Papers
15:35Plenary 3
16:15Workshop close


The Watershed, Bristol

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