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Kiss Insomnia Goodnight and Goodbye: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Insomnia (ACT-I) Workshop

Wednesday 3rd May 2017 at BPS Offices, Tabernacle Street, London

Unfortunately we have had to take the difficult decision to cancel this event, Sometimes, despite our best efforts events do not meet the minimum number required to make them viable. We try to avoid cancelling or postponing events wherever possible but on very rare occasions must do so.

The workshop will involve a mixture of both discussion and experiential practice of using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy approaches for the non-drug treatment of chronic insomnia including acceptance, mindfulness, defusion, self in context, values and committed action.

Additional factors to be discussed during the workshop:

  • Introduction to insomnia including common risk factors, triggers and amplifying behaviours
  • Insomnia assessment - ISI, PSQI, sleep diaries, AAQ
  • Sleep physiology - cycles, stages, timing and drive
  • Differences between ACT-I and CBT-I
  • Typical patterns of experiential avoidance and how they fuel chronic insomnia
  • The role of acceptance in managing avoidance
  • Why thought and emotion blocking and distraction techniques don't work
  • How cognitive defusion can help to change the function of thoughts and emotions
  • How regular mindfulness practice can help to overcome insomnia
  • Why it is common for people to stop living their lives in the face of insomnia
  • How identifying and acting upon values can plays an important role in overcoming insomnia.

Learning Objectives

  • Clear understanding of the differences between CBT-I and ACT-I
  • A new approach for managing chronic insomnia
  • A set of helpful tools to take away and use with insomniac patients

If you have any queries please contact us via the event hotline on 01332 224506.


Wednesday 3rd May 2017

13:00Introduction to ACT for Insomnia
14:00Discussion, learning and experiential practice

Speakers and Facilitators

Dr Guy Meadows

Guy has been studying human physiology for 21 years of which 17 years has been devoted to sleep research and the prevention of sleeping disorders.
He graduated with a first class BSc Honours degree from Glamorgan University, then an MSc (Distinction) at Kings College London in Human and Applied Physiology and finally completed his doctorate at Imperial College London. Whilst studying their he worked in the sleep research laboratories of the Royal Brompton and Charing Cross Hospitals where he investigated the effects of sleep on the regulation of human brain.
He is a leading figure in the area of chronic insomnia, pioneering the use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Mindfulness treatment. He has worked with thousands of insomnia sufferers over the last 11 years at his London based clinic and around the world and he set up The Sleep School to help stop Insomniacs needlessly suffering around the world. He regularly runs GP training sessions within the UK and trains Health Care Providers world wide in the development of ACT for Insomnia.
He is a published author (The Sleep Book – How to sleep well every night – Orion 2014) and recently launched The Sleep School online course and app, a highly interactive audio visual support tool for insomnia suffers.
He regularly contributes to Television and radio.


BPS Offices, Tabernacle Street, London

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