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Group of Trainers in Clinical Psychology Annual Conference 2018: Deeply connected? Innovation, Technology, Interaction & Change

Monday 12th November - Wednesday 14th November 2018 at Doubletree by Hilton Glasgow Central

Thank you to all our speakers and delegates

GTiCP Annual Conference 2018 Programme

Monday 12th November 14:00 - 15:00

How do we create training environments that embrace and support openness about personal experiences of mental health difficulties? - Katrina Scior, Lorna Hogg, Laura Golding, Natalie Kemp, Gavin Richardson

Why? Why would clinical psychology programmes want to go anywhere near CBT accreditation? - Gary Latchford, Adrian Whittington

How? The process of seeking and gaining BABCP Level 2 Course Accreditation - Sarah Corrie, Helen Macdonald

What? What is involved from a programme perspective in developing the capacity to deliver a CBT pathway that meets BABCP Level 2 Criteria? - Alesia Moulton-Perkins, Alex Fowke, Henry Clements

Applied Masters Training in Scotland - Judy Thomson, Fiona Duffy, Will Goodall

Neuropsychology post- qualification training - Martin Bunnage, Aida Moses, Ingram Wright

Clinical Psychology Workforce Development - A Global Perspective - Hamish McLeod, Angus MacBeth

A pilot of new supervision training for experienced supervisors "Managing Difficulties in Supervisory Relationship - Rebecca Curtis, Ion Wyness

Monday 12th November 15:00 - 15:30

Assessing clinical competence with a computerised vignette matching task: A comparison of trainees in the UK and Australia - Hamish McLeod, Gavin Richardson

Experts by Experience Involvement in the Selection of Trainee Clinical Psychologists - Noelle Robertson, Steve Rigby

An account of the challenges inherent in asking trainees to video record their clinical sessions on placement - why is it so complicated?! - Helen Reader, Joanne Herdman

Virtual Supervisory Experience - are we deeply connected? - Azucena Guzman, Rebecca Curtis Unable to share slides

Monday 12th November 16:00 - 17:00 - Practice Sharing

Delivering teaching within an adult learner model - Plymouth

The outcomes of a curriculum review - Edinburgh

Academic Assessment of Clinical Leadership Competencies for Trainee Clinical Psychologists - Coventry & Warwick

Interviewing Leaders for developing leadership practice and competence - Exeter

Learning outcomes and assessments of two new third-year modules - Southampton

Interprofessional Learning - UCL

The University of Liverpool's Doctorate in Clinical Psychology: Sharing Practice - Liverpool

Involving service users in teaching psychometric assessment and formulation - Trent

Sharing Stories - Lin Cochrane, Jim Geekie

The personal and professional impact of being a member of the involvement group - Leeds

What is the current level of involvement across clinical psychology training programmes nationally? - Leeds

Service user involvement in partnership - Staffordshire

Consolidation of Placement Documentation onto an online system - improving communication, saving time and 'saving the planet'! - Leicester

New Assignments: The Trainee Self-Assessment Exercise - Lancaster

Building on established skills: Accreditation of Prior learning - Glasgow

New accreditation criteria - outcomes from a pilot cohort - Birmingham

International Placements: Oh, the places you'll go! (with apologies to Dr Seuss) - UEA

Induction of International Students - IoPPN

Self-Practice/Self-Reflection & Digital Competences - RHUL

The Compassionate Internal Supervisor - Surrey

Widening Participation? a variety of ventures from the University of Leeds - Leeds

Embedding R into Clinical Psychology Research Teaching - Teeside

Service user involvement in teaching on the University of Essex training programme - Essex No slides used

Co-production in Sheffield: the value of Expert by Experience posts - Sheffield

Tuesday 13th November 09.30 - 11.00

Widening access and increasing diversity in selection - All selection tutors, Carolien Lamers, Gavin Richardson

The Systemic Practice Scale (SPS) - how is it being used with trainees and beyond? - Jon Crossley, Catherine Butler, Helen Pote, Camilla Dyer, Trish Joscelyne

Focus of e-Learning academic training to develop competencies and confidence when working with Older Adults - Azucena Guzman, David Gillanders Unable to share slides

Clinical Psychology Doctoral Research: Sharing Good Practice - Will Mandy, Helen Ellis-Caird

Tuesday 13th November 11.30 - 13.00

Digital Working for Clinical Psychologists: Presenting a new Digital Competency Framework - Helen Pote, Alesia Moulton-Perkins, Emma Griffith, Gary Latchford

Placements with a Community Psychology focus: 3 programmes' experiences - Anjula Gupta, Stephen Weatherhead, Anna Duxbury, Rebecca Holtom

To disclose or not to disclose: Factors influencing disclosure of personal experiences in trainee Clinical Psychologists on the University of Bath Programme - Sarah Howkins, Lorna Hogg, Anna Strudwick

Factors involved in trainees' decision making regarding disclosure of lived experience - Laura Willets, Laura Golding, Beth Greenhill

An intervention designed to support decisions regarding disclosure of lived experience: The HOP-MHP project pilot - Katrina Scior, Henry Clements, Anna Hildebrand, Harriet Mills

A dangerous thing to go throwing about": Trainee Clinical Psychologists' Views and Experiences of Touch in the Therapeutic Relationship - Carrie Way, Carolien Lamers, Renee Rickard

Luddites or Lemmings? Reflections on the relationship between therapy and information technology - Jim Geekie

Experiences of training International students - Michelle Fisher, Liz Kent

Training needs for reproducible research in clinical psychology - Breda Cullen

Experiences of pregnancy/adoption leave during training - Lara Bennett, Wendy MacDonald, Claire Duddridge

An Unavoidable Bump: Psychotherapists' Experiences of Navigating Therapy While Pregnant: A Meta-Synthesis - Carrie Way, Carolien Lamers, Renee Rickard

Wednesday 14th November 11.30 - 12.30

Exploring the limits of using technology in training therapy skills: a panel debate - David Gillanders, Azucena Guzman, Helen Griffiths Unable to share slides

Interpersonal and Reflective Competencies in Selection - Ellen Homewood, Elinor Dowson, Rebecca Curtis, Richard Payne

Evaluating Outcomes of a leadership development programme for clinical psychology trainees - David Murphy

Quality Assurance of placement supervision and placement learning environments - development of a new supervision measure for use as part of a trainee survey - Neil Millar, Claire Ann Banga, Nicola Cogan

Working with Experts By Experience to Ask Relevant Research Questions for Trainee Projects - Hamish McLeod, Colin Murchie, David Wright, George Brown, Annette Calder, Tracy Smith

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