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Group of Trainers in Clinical Psychology Annual Conference 2017: Change and Development Through Involvement

Monday 6th November - Wednesday 8th November 2017 at Apex City of Bath Hotel, Bath

Thank you to all our speakers and delegates

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Keynote Presentations

Person Centred Care: Challenges for Training
Dr Jed Boardman, SLaM NHS Trust and Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience

Increasing Access to Treatments that Work and that Keep on Working - Steve Hollon, Vanderbilt University

Training Psychiatrists for #TeamMentalHealth. Beyond a Five Year Forward View
Dr Kate Lovett, Dean, Royal College of Psychiatrists

Bringing more of ourselves into our training
Dr Rufus May, Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Trust

Tuesday 7th November

Parallel Session A - 11.15-12.15

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Forensic teaching on the Bath Doctorate in Clinical Psychology: Using an away day to a Medium Secure Unit as a means of engagement with the specialism - Dr Megan Wilkinson-Tough, Alison Lauder

The Birmingham Clinical Psychology Forensic training for 3rd years - Monica Lloyd, Ian Burke

Forensic Teaching at UEA ClinPsyD - Developments - Dr Peter Beazley

Kingsmead 1
Clinical Psychology Training in the USA - Steve Hollon - No slides used
Clinical Psychology in Iceland....and the other Nordic countries - Jon Fridrik Sigurdsson

Kingsmead 2
Programmatic research and the quest for 100% publication rates - Dr Dougal Hare

Secondary analysis of big data sets - Dr Ross White, Dr Will Mandy

Developing Digital Mental Health Competences in Clinical Training - Dr Helen Pote, Marlies Peters

Involvement of People with Personal Experience - Convenors: Dr Vuokko Wallace, Simon Mudie

Assessment with engagement; involving stakeholders and allowing for failure- Dr Ian C. Smith
Supporting documents - Assessments Produced

Parallel Session B - 14.15-15.45

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Supervisor Induction Training: Rising to the challenge of meeting the needs of a diverse group of supervisors - Dr Maria Loades

Peer Group Supervision - Margo Ononaiye

Inter-professional Clinical Supervision - Barbara Mason

Dilemmas in supervisor's positions of power - Catherine Butler

Kingsmead 1
Clinical Psychology Training in Hong Kong: Challenges and Reflections - Dr Patrick Leung

Clinical Psychology Training in Australia - Josie Millar

Kingsmead 2
Assessing research proposals and developing skills for co-production of research - Dr Megan Wilkinson-Tough & Lucy Clarkson

Embedding a research culture in post-qual clinical psychologists: What role should DClinPsy courses play? - Dr Helen Ellis-Caird

Developing Scientific rigour and critical thinking amongst trainees - Dr Dougal Hare

A Patient I'll never Forget": Schwartz Rounds for Students: Interprofessional Learning in Healthcare Training - Dr Laura Golding, Dr Gundi Kiemle

Feedback from Involvement Surveys (Jan 2015 and October 2017) - Dr Catrin Eames

Mentorship Scheme 'Swapping Seats' - John Chiocchi, Dr Catrin Eames

On being a co-supervisor - John Chiocchi

Everybody's Voice Leeds - Selection Video - is there a 'right' way to do it? - Dr Tracey Smith - No slides to share

‘Innovations and learning from experience’ Reflecting on 12 years of involvement from Plymouth’s Service Receiver and Carer Consultation Group - David Hill - No slides used

Exploring safer recruitment for a clinical psychology doctoral Programme - Helen Lloyd, Miranda Heath, Karen Powell - Unable to share slides

Parallel Session C - 16.15-17.30

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What works for whom in clinical psychology training? Unpicking dominant discourses shaping training experiences - Dr Nicholas Wood, Dr Catherine Butler

Kingsmead 1
Involving service users in trainee placement visits: a pilot - Hannah Daniels, Dr Anna Tickle, Robert Bathie

Enhancing meaningful involvement within the academic programme: Findings and strategies from a comprehensive one-year audit of teaching at the Oxford Institute of Clinical Psychology Training (OXICPT) - Dr Matthew Knight

Kingsmead 2
Teaching trainees to navigate research governance effectively - Anita Dorsett

Developing Scientific rigour and critical thinking amongst trainees - Dr James Gregory


Involvement of People with Personal Experience - Dr Vuokko Wallace

Wednesday 8th November

Parallel Session D - 10.00-11.15

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Community Perspectives in the Curriculum - Dr Adam Danquah, Dr James McManus, Donna More, Yvonne Thomas

Kingsmead 1
Global Mental Health - The Role of Clinical Psychologists - Dr Ross White

Kingsmead 2
Meaningful Involvement of people with Intellectual Disabilities in Selections Interviews - Dr Emma Munks

Developments in Clinical Neuropsychology Training - Dr Ingram Wright, Martin Bunnage, Dr Leon Dysch

Parallel Session E - 10.00-11.15

Lansdown 1
Follow-on from Lovett & Boardman plenary: "Patient centred training. Overcoming the barriers to foster interprofessional training" - Chair: Dr Jacqui Stedmon - No slides used

Kingsmead 1
People with Intellectual Disabilities as Communication Consultants in the development of communication competencies - Dr Emma Munks

Kingsmead 2
Good Practice Guidelines for UK Training and Consolidation of Clinical Practice in Relation to Older People - Catherine Burley

Leadership at Staffs- Jo Heyes

Developing leadership competencies: Progress and challenges on the Oxford Course - Helen Jenkins

Team Working & Leadership skill development via Problem Based Learning - Dr Emma Griffith

An Investigation of Time Intensive Behavioural Activation for Depression Using Single Case Design - Dr Gary Brown, Sarah Miles

Time Intensive Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Specific Phobia of Vomiting Using a Single Case Experimental Design - Alexandra Keyes

Single Case Experimental Design (SCED): The Trainee Experience - Sally McGuire

Single Case Experimental Design in Clinical Psychology: A little bit of what I owe to Stephen Morley - Prof Paul Salkovskis

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Monday 6th November 2017

Pre-Conference Workshop Programme - please note these timings are subject to change

13:00Parallel Workshops begin - see above for details
14:30Refreshment Break
15:00Parallel Workshops continue - see above for details
17:00Pre-Conference Workshops Close

Tuesday 7th November 2017

Conference Day One Programme - Please note these timings are subject to change

09:30Welcome and Opening Session
10:00Parallel Sessions - details to follow
11:15Refreshment Break
11:45Keynote - Science and Practice in Developing and Disseminating Psychological Therapies - David Clark, University of Oxford
12:30Keynote - Title TBC Steve Hollon, Vanderbilt University
14:15Parallel Sessions - details to follow
15:45Refreshment Break
16:15Parallel Sessions - details to follow
17:30Conference Day One Close
19:30Gala Dinner & Entertainment

Wednesday 8th November 2017

Conference Day Two Programme - Please note these timings are subject to change

09:00Keynote - Title TBC - Rufus May, Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Trust
10:00Parallel Sessions - details to follow
11:15Refreshment Break
11:45Parallel Sessions - details to follow
13:30GTiCP AGM
14:30Plenary - Training psychiatrist for #TeamMentalHealth. Beyond a five year forward view: what does this mean for clinical psychology? - Kate Lovett
14:30Parallel Sessions - details to follow
15:00Plenary - Person Centred Care: Challenges for Training - Jed Boardman
15:30Parallel Sessions - details to follow
16:45GTiCP Conference 2017 Closing Remarks
17:00GTiCP Conference 2017 Close
17:00Division of Clinical Psychology and/or Association of Clinical Psychologists: “Quo Vadis?”

Speakers and Facilitators


Rufus May

Keynote Speaker
Rufus May has worked as a clinical psychologist in adult mental health services for 20 years. He currently works in Bolton's inpatient services. As well he provides training and consultancy in holistic and integrative based approach to psychosis and other mental health problems. His interest in psychological and social approaches to mental health is originally rooted in his own experiences of psychosis and receiving psychiatric treatment in his late teens. He has written a number of articles and book chapters and his work was featured in the English Channel 4 documentary 'The Doctor who hears voices'. Rufus is interested in creative approaches to distress and confusion. These include mindfulness, voice dialogue approaches, conflict resolution communication skills and community development approaches including developing self-help networks. He is also a trustee of Sharing Voices Bradford - a community development mental health organisation actively supporting and working with diverse minority communities of Bradford.


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