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The Faculty of Psychology of Older People (FPOP) 2017 Conference

Wednesday 12th July - Thursday 13th July 2017 at Radisson Blu Hotel, Durham

'I wanted a perfect ending. Now I’ve learned, the hard way, that some poems don’t rhyme, and some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle and end.  Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next.’ - Gilda Radner’s ‘Delicious Ambiguity’

The National FPOP conference 2017 will focus on the power of stories to create change and bring hope. The event is open to all those who want to explore the narratives that they and others bring to their work with older people, and the way this affects the psychological processes at play for those using and working with older people.

Whilst stories can be descriptions of what has happened the reality is that most stories are fiction, or at least present only one element of the various truths that can be told. Workshop leads will share stories of their own and provide the opportunity for people to understand their own narratives and script new ones that will help them move forward with hope and courage in their future work.

We are all shaping our own story. As psychologists we have the added responsibility of helping other people make sense of their own (or a relative’s /friend’s) story in a way that is ‘true enough’ and yet also helps stimulate change, whilst understanding and navigating the stories that are told about or projected onto us.

The classic beginning (learning the characters and the context), middle (identifying the problem which drives later changes) and end (where things reach a more or less satisfactory conclusion) are reflected in therapy, adjustment to life changing diagnoses, service change, and our development as psychologists.

Conference Themes;

  • Stories and narratives in mental health services
  • Harnessing their power for the wellbeing of all who use and work in mental health services for Older People

Keynote Presentations

We are pleased to welcome our Keynote speakers Andy Lowndes and Terry Waite CBE.

Presentation Downloads

Keynote Presentations

Terry Waite CBE
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Click here to download Terry's full biography

Not Just Person Centred Moments
Andy Lowndes (Playlist for Life)
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Wednesday 12th July

Parallel Session 1: 09.45

Developing a culture of involvement in dementia services – the story of a long term collaboration
Keith Oliver & Reinhard Guss

Talking about personality: Myths? Fairy Tales? Our stories about older people with personality difficulties.
Judi Sharifi, Louise Rutter & Laura Bell

Domestic abuse and older adults: The practitioner narrative and implications on practice
Nikki Carthy, Carlie Watson & Daisy Best

What happens when the queen bee is superseded?
Jill Rayner

Collective stories by people with dementia.
Rachael Litherland
Currently unable to share slides

A life without words
Aileen Surtees & Claire Appleton

Parallel Session 2: 11.20

Shrinking the bicycle in the corridor: Learning to let yourself have, and keep, things.
Claire Martin

The art of ageing: Using literature to guide formulation of challenging processes in older adult psychotherapy.
Chris Wilson

Humankind cannot bear very much reality.
Claire Appleton & Aileen Surtees

The power of pictures.
Sarah Butchard & Tadhg Devlin
Currently unable to share slides.

Professional Issues in FPOP

Using personal stories to develop organisational compassion.
Angela Kennedy & Joanna Marshall

Parallel Session 1: 15.00

The story of FPOP – sharing our stories makes us stronger.
Polly Kaiser

Narrative therapy – developing preferred stories for ourselves and our clients.
Elizabeth Field & Asesha Morjaria-Keval

Whose story? Psychology practice on inpatient wards.
Kate Ross & Sarah Dexter-Smith

Thursday 13th July

Parallel Session 1: 09.30

My self-doubt and me: The perils of our inner voice and the perceived dominant narrative.
Natasha Lord

The power of reading.
Debbie Hicks & Cath Burley

Dementia friendly communities: Weaving collective stories of hope.
Sue Northrop
Currently unable to share slides.

Differing narratives surrounding service implementation: Multiple perspectives from stakeholders of an integrated care home support service.
Alice Coates & Jane Fossey

Stories of Leadership
Sarah Hopper & Dawn Jarvis
Currently unable to share slides.

Parallel Session 1: 11.20

The ageing identity: a story-teller self.
Alessandra Merizzi

“Part of the team”: How care home staff experience taking part in research.w care home staff experience taking part in research.
Jane Fossey & Lucy Garrod

Ordinary people, extraordinary lives: Life story work with people with dementia.
Polly Kaiser

Do I need to know your history to recognize and relate to your personhood?
Georgina Charlesworth & Tanisha De Souza

Diversity: reaching for the stories we rarely hear.
Sarah Ghani
Currently unable to share slides.

Parallel Session 1: 11.20

Relationships with safe uncertainty in Older Adult Mental Health Services.
Emily Lennie, Fiona Grant & Clare Winter

How to connect with people who can no longer tell their stories.
Joanna Marshall & Susannah Thwaites

Death is an awfully big adventure: Sharing stories about dying and assisted dying.
Celia Kitzinger, Sarah Ronaghan & Cath Burley

If you have any queries please contact us via the event hotline on 01332 224507


Wednesday 12th July 2017

Please note, all speakers, timing and content are subject to change. The full programme can be downloaded below.

09:00Registration, Refreshments & Poster Viewing
09:30Welcome & introduction
09:45Parallel Session
11:00Refreshment Break & Poster Viewing
11:20Parallel Session
12:30Lunch & Poster Viewing
13:30Keynote Speaker: Terry Waite
14:30Refreshment Break & Poster Viewing
15:00Parallel Session
17:45FPOP/DCP/BPS and beyond
18:30Conference Close

Thursday 13th July 2017

Please note, all speakers, timing and content are subject to change. The full programme can be downloaded below.

09:00Registration, Refreshments & Poster Viewing
09:30Parallel Session
11:00Refreshment Break & Poster Viewing
11:20Parallel Session
12:30Lunch & Poster Viewing
13:30Keynote Presentation:Not Just Person Centred Moments, Andy Lowndes (Playlist for Life) (followed by Poster Prize)
14:40Refreshment Break & Poster Viewing
15:00Parallel Session
16:30Conference Close

Speakers and Facilitators


Terry Waite CBE

Keynote Speaker
Whilst negotiating the release of Western hostages as the Archbishop of Canterbury’s special envoy, Terry Waite was seized and taken hostage himself. Held in captivity in Beirut for 1760 days, four years of which were in solitary confinement, his spirit and faith was tested to the limit. The experience also gave him lessons in survival that would change his life forever.

Terry's Full biography can be downloaded further up the page.

Andy Lowndes

Keynote Speaker
Andy is a psychiatric nurse by training and a recently retired academic from Glasgow Caledonian University. Around four years ago Andy founded Playlist for Life with writer and broadcaster Sally Magnusson following Sally’s experience in caring for her mother.

As ‘the Music Detective,’ Andy goes to the homes of people with dementia and works with families and carers to identify Personally Meaningful Music for the person with the disease. In this presentation Andy will present real life examples supporting the growing international research that shows such music can have almost magical results as part of an individual’s care.


Radisson Blu Hotel, Durham

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