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Schema Therapy in Forensic Contexts

Thursday 22nd March 2018 at BPS Offices, Leicester

Schema Therapy and/or schema informed practice is increasingly being used within a range of criminal justice settings. The application of schema therapy in forensic contexts can be challenging due to pre-existing cultures and narratives about care and punishment. The workshop aims to explore the challenges in using experiential techniques for the purpose of limited re-parenting and empathic confrontation. It is necessary to make sense of, and work effectively with, the anti-social dimension of the individuals, whilst holding in mind the often extensive unmet needs from childhood that underpin the complex presentations encountered in adulthood. Core themes will include making sense of “offence paralleling behaviour” (Jones 2002) within a schema framework, a critical reflection of the forensic modes (Bernstein, Arntz & de Vos, 2007), and schema chemistry within the therapeutic relationship (Beckley, 2010). The workshop will utilise concepts from both individual and group schema therapy models. The final area will focus on the wider organisational dynamics and explore how therapists can become “positioned” within multidisciplinary team dynamics, associated with classical notions of splitting as they struggle to maintain the delicate balance between risk management and therapeutic agendas. The workshop will also consider the role of psychologist within probation settings where a schema informed framework is utilised.

Learning outcomes and objectives

  • To increase knowledge of schema therapy in forensic contexts
  • To consider the wider use of the schema model with teams and organisations
  • To practice the application of experiential techniques with common presentations in forensic clients

Who is the course intended for?

Clinicians working in forensic contexts.

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Thursday 22nd March 2018

Please note, all speakers, timings and content are subject to change.

09:30Registration and Refreshments
10:00Application of ST to individual therapy: working with common mode presentations
13:30Application of ST to groups and systems: schema chemistry

Speakers and Facilitators


Dr Kerry Beckley

Dr Kerry Beckley is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and is Certified Advanced Schema Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer with the International Society of Schema Therapy. She has extensive experience of working within a range of forensic settings. She delivers workshops nationally and internationally in Schema Therapy and has written a number of chapters and articles on this topic and has developed a schema therapy group protocol for use in forensic settings. She is the current Chair of the Faculty of Clinical Forensic Psychology.


BPS Offices, Leicester

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