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Critical Thinking - Jane Ogden - DHP-S Event

Thursday 2nd November 2017 at Stirling Court Hotel (University of Stirling)

Over the past 20 years an explosion of information has created information overload, a distrust of experts, the circulation of misinformation and false facts and public debates based upon poor evidence. Referred to as the ‘Post truth world’, this is epitomised by the Brexit referendum in the UK, the election of Trump as President of the US and health care practices which are not always evidence based. There are two possible solutions to this problem. The first is to accept that ‘anything goes’ and embrace a post-modern world in which all information is deemed equal. The second is to stay critical and develop a critical understanding of evidence and the ways in which this evidence is presented.

This session will first describe the problems generated by information overload. It will then offer a solution in terms of staying critical through the use of a critical tool kit focusing on methodology, data analysis and the power of persuasion. Lecturers are forever telling their students to be more critical but students rarely understand what this means. This session should be useful for anyone wanting to know what being critical means and how to fine tune their critical skills for anything that they come across in their day to day lives.

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Thursday 2nd November 2017

09:30Registration & refreshments
10:00Separating myth from fact and the critical tool kit
12:00Lunch & networking
13:00Using the critical tool kit for academic writing
14:30Refreshment break
14:45Using the critical tool kit for the media
15:45Summary and feedback
16:00Event close

Speakers and Facilitators

Jane Ogden

Jane Ogden is a Professor in Health Psychology at the University of Surrey where she teaches psychology, nutrition, dietician, vet and medical students to think more psychologically about health. She has published over 180 papers and written 7 books. Her main research interests focus on eating behaviour, obesity management, symptoms perception and communication. She is also passionate about communicating psychology to a more lay audience and is a regular contributor to the media and gives talks to local pub groups.


Stirling Court Hotel (University of Stirling)

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