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DHP Scotland AGM and Annual Scientific Meeting

Thursday 23rd February 2017 at University of Strathclyde, Glasgow


(13.15-14.00) The AGM will take place in the Senate Room, Collins Building, 22 Richmond Street, Glasgow G1 1XQ. The AGM is open to DHP members only.

The Annual Scientific Meeting

(14.15-17.45) The ASM will take place in the Senate Room, Collins Building, 22 Richmond Street, Glasgow G1 1XQ. The Annual Scientific Meeting is open to all and requires pre-registration via the online booking form.

At 18.00 a wine reception will follow the Annual Scientific Meeting at Waxy O'Connor's, 44 West George Street, Glasgow, G2 1DH, just a 10 minute walk from Strathclyde University.

Who is the course intended for?

The Annual Scientific Meeting will be of interest to post-graduate students, applied psychologists in training, researchers, practitioner psychologists with an interest in health and allied health professionals.

Registration for this event is now open, fees can be found on the booking form.

Please note, this event will be credit/debit card payment only at the time of booking, in certain circumstances we may be able to accept bookings with invoice requests. If you have any queries please contact us via the event hotline on 01332 224506.


Thursday 23rd February 2017

Please note this is a draft agenda and is subject to change.

14:00Dr Stephan Dombrowski, University of Stirling. What can health psychology contribute to “awareness campaigns” to change help seeking behaviour?
14:45Sasha Cain, SCCH Consulting LLP. A Career Applying Health Psychology
15:30Refreshment Break
16:15Dr Vera Araujo-Soares, Newcastle University. Developing behavioural interventions for health: Methodological challenges and innovations
17:00Professor Derek Johnston, University of Aberdeen. Fatigue at work: tank empty or grass greener?
18:00Wine reception at Waxy O'Connor's

Speakers and Facilitators


Stephan Dombrowski

I am a senior lecturer in Health Psychology at the University of Stirling. Prior to joining Stirling I did my PhD at the University of Aberdeen, worked for NHS Grampian as a Health Psychologist in Training, and completed a Post-Doc at Newcastle University. I am interested in the development, testing and application of behaviour change theory and interventions for health. I am particularly interested in aspects concerning maintenance in health behaviour change interventions, and the use of evidence based behaviour change techniques to facilitate sustainable long-term change. My research to date covers a range of health behaviours (e.g. diet and physical activity, health service use, or health care provision) and populations (e.g. members of the public, individuals with risk factors for health, or health care professionals). In my empirical work I use qualitative, quantitative as well as mixed methodologies.

Sasha Cain

I started my career working in General Psychology services including working with Older Adults, Family Therapy and Learning Disabilities. I then worked in Public Health and general preventative health for 13 years, becoming a Consultant Health Psychologist in 2004. Over the years I have worked in and with NHS organisations, primary care providers, local authority, education and third sector organisations (previously Health Psychology Lead for NHS Camden). This has included developing and managing services as well as providing therapeutic services. I have a particular expertise in working with hard to treat communities and in working with individuals and groups (face to face and through online methods) to make and sustain health behaviour change. I have worked as both a provider and strategic commissioner of public health services. Since 2012 I have co-run my own Company (SCCH Consulting LLP), which has been successful in gaining public and private contracts including to develop health psychology interventions, providing and fidelity checking therapeutic services, making strategic assessments and recommendations of organisational plans, training staff etc. As the largest provider of supervision services to Qualified Health Psychologists in applied settings I provide a lot of support to the next generations of Practitioners and our Affiliate model allows me to recruit and develop other Health Psychologists to work with us in applied settings.

Vera Araújo-Soares

Vera is a Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology in the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University, UK and the President Elect of the European Health Psychology Society. She completed her studies at Minho University in Portugal where she worked as an academic and a clinician. In 2006 she moved to Aberdeen as Senior Research Fellow in the Scottish Alliance for Self-Care Research before moving to Newcastle in 2010. Her research targets the development and assessment of evidence-based interventions for the promotion of health behaviours, prevention and self-management of chronic conditions. She has published in leading international journals including the BMJ, Diabetologia, Pain, Health Psychology and Health Psychology Review. She is passionate about translating theory and empirical evidence into practice and by doing so, contributing to refining theory.

Derek Johnston

Aberdeen psychology graduate then a PhD at Hull University in psychopathology. Registered as a clinical and a health psychologist. I have worked in the Universities of Oxford, London, St Andrews and Aberdeen. My earliest work was on behavioural treatments for anxiety, and then on biofeedback. This led to an interest in physical illness and studies of high blood pressure, the cardiovascular effects of stress, heart disease and physical activity. Much of this work involve interventions. My current work is primarily on work stress in health professionals. I also have an enduring, unhealthy, interest in methodology.


University of Strathclyde

Senate Room, Collins Building, University of Strathclyde G1 1XQ •  Directions

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