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DECP Annual Conference 2019: Responding to children in the 21st century; rights, voices and a sense of belonging

Thursday 10th to Friday 11th January 2019 at the Apex City of Bath Hotel

This conference explored the changing needs of children and young people in the 21st century. There was a focus on the role of the educational psychologist in ensuring their full inclusion and participation within schools and communities. Examples were shared demonstrating how educational psychologists facilitate the voice of the child, promote their rights and enable a sense of belonging.

Keynote Speakers

We were pleased to welcome our Keynote Speakers.

  • Professor Claire Cameron, Professor of Social Pedagogy at UCL Institute of Education (IOE) and Deputy Director of the Thomas Coram Research Unit (TCRU).
  • Dr Praveetha Patalay, Lecturer in Population Mental Health and Child Development at the Institute of Psychology, Health and Society at the University of Liverpool.
  • Dr Lynne Rogers, Reader at UCL Institute of Education (IOE) and Author of books including 'Disengagement from Education' and 'Improving Behaviour and Attendance at School'.
  • Laura Brain and Eleanor Lloyd, Off the Record Bristol, a Charity providing Mental Health Services whilst promoting and defending the Mental Health, rights and social position of young people

Conference Programme

DECP Annual Conference 2019 Programme

Presentation Downloads

Keynote Presentations

Responding to children in the 21st century. Education, social pedagogy and belonging
Professor Claire Cameron, UCL Institute of Education

Mental Health of Children in the Context of Schools
Dr Praveetha Patalay, UCL

Inclusivity and disengagement from education
Dr Lynne Rogers, UCL Institute of Education

Working Differently with Mental Health - Moving from Mental Health Support to Mental Health Movement
Laura Brain & Eleanor Lloyd, Bristol "Off The Record”

Thursday 10th January

Parallel Session 11.45 - 12.30

It's their school, it's their time": What it takes for teachers to share classroom decision-making with their pupils
Dr Geraldine Rowe

Key intersections of children's rights in educational psychology: Expanding rights based practice - beyond 'getting' a voice
Laura Goodfellow

Giving children a voice in the early years: using psychological skills to make a difference
Mallory Henson, Chelsea Moore

School for Everyone: Our Top Ten Tips to Help us Feel we Belong
Dr Tara Midgen, Theodora Theodoratou, Matt Leonard, Kirsty Newbury

Parallel Session 12.45 - 13.30

Looking ahead is not always straightforward: Understanding the experiences of young people in care in post-16 education
Dr Lise Hill

School Belonging and Implications for Community Safety
Prof Sue Roffey, Prof Chris Boyle

Children's Access to their Right to Play
Dr Natasha Goodhall

Siblings of Children with Autism: Experiences and Views of South Asian Families
Dr Ruki Dhand
Unable to share slides

Parallel Session 15.45 - 16.30

Investigating the impact of changes in funding on access to an Educational Psychologist and EP service delivery in England
Dr Vivian Hill, Ashleigh Murray

Problematic Internet Use: Removing Barriers to Young People's Online Participation; the role of Educational Psychologists
Michael Palmer

Towards the Nurturing City: Including and listening to the Children of Glasgow
Catherine Jennings, Jenni Kerr

The Role of the Educational and Child Psychologist in Responding to Youth Suicide in Schools
Dr Alish Rodgers

Parallel Session 17.00 - 17.45

Some Effects of labelling Children
Dr Simon Gibbs

Numeracy with Nurture
Dr Rachel Hayton, Anne-Marie Walker

Responding to children in the 21st Century: rights, voices and a sense of belonging: Two perspectives on researching practice
Dr Susan Birch, Nicola Bouvier, Jude Liberman

Spiritual listening: Using A Little Box of Big Questions as a tool for promoting change and reflection opportunities with young people with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and moderate learning difficulties
Dr Nina Robinson

Friday 11th January

Parallel Session 9.30 - 10.15

ASPIRE to School and Student Wellbeing
Prof Sue Roffey, Anna Cox & Dr Sam Beasley

Educational Psychologists' responses to a post-16 service user film on their practice: a participatory research project
Dr Janet Rowley, Dr Pandora Giles

What do we want education to do for children and society?
Dr Simon Gibbs

Giving Every Young Learner A Voice: Introducing My Learner ID - On Becoming and Being a Learner
Dr Suzanne Parkinson

Parallel Session 10.15 - 11.00

Mapping, metaphors and models to therapeutically explore a young person's understanding of their world and their psychological wellbeing
David Traxson

Listening to and acting on the views of children and young people in Cornwall; A Team Improvement Plan Project
Dr Hayley Jarrett, Dr Stacy N’jie

Using person-centred approaches to deliver educational psychology in post-16 settings
Dr Gay Keegan, Dr Rebecca Murphy

The Dimensions of Health and Well-being - a Swiss Army knife for mental health support across a community
Heather Moran & Gemma Cartwright

Parallel Session 13.30 - 14.15

Inclusive pupil participation in decision-making about learning activities
Anna Lewis

Are You Listening?: Echoing the voices of Looked After Children about school transition and belonging
Yvonne Francis, Sarah Humrich, Laura Rowland, Sally Taylor
Unable to share slides

Promoting inclusion and a sense of belonging: A citywide Attachment Aware Approach to behaviour
Sarah Ahmed, Dr Hilary Smith

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