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Older Adults Mental Health: Professional skills and development

Monday 14th October 2019 at Friends' House, Manchester

This event is for prequalified individuals to learn more about the different work that clinical psychologists do within older adults services. This is a day hear about the different approaches used within older adult services; and an opportunity to extend your knowledge in the types of complexities and skills needed to work this client group. The prequalification aims to host CPD events which enrich the journey of prequalified individuals by exploring more about the various groups clinical psychologists will find themselves working in.

Learning outcomes and objectives:

  • To learn more about the types of work clinical psychologists are involved in with older adults
  • To listen to experiences of prequalified individuals working with older adults
  • To hear and learn from a service user experience of services
  • To network and meet other prequalified individuals in the field

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Monday 14th October 2019

The full event programme will be added shortly. Please note, all speakers, timings and content are subject to change.

Speakers and Facilitators

Cath Burley

Cath has worked clinically with older people in Leicestershire and Cambridgeshire throughout her career and especially enjoyed working with local training courses to encourage the provision of excellent older adult teaching, supervision and placements. Latterly Cath chaired the FPOP committee and was the Director of the DCP Membership Services Unit. Cath now contributes to National Policy initiatives including IAPT-Older People, Reading Well Books on Prescription, Reading Friends and the Department of Health ERG for Older People.

Presentation Title: The diversity and delights of working with and on behalf of older people in a professional context.

Dr Rebecca Dow

Dr Rebecca Dow is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in the Buckinghamshire Older adult service for Oxford Health Foundation NHS Trust.

She is a past chair and treasurer of FPOP, supervisor to multiple trainees and assistants, with a keen interest in elements of diversity in older adult groups having lived in China for 4 years and worked in a bilingual Welsh/English setting.

Mark Guyers

Mark is an assistant psychologist supporting adults who have long term physical health conditions and chronic pain to live the best life they can despite their condition. Mark also works with young people and their families within a paediatric diabetes team and is currently writing literature to support a Solution Focused approach within this work. He also presents the podcast 'Let's Get to Clinical' and is the Nations Rep for the BPS's pre-qualification committee.

Presentation Title: If the conversation isn't working, change the conversation: The advantages of working within a resource model with older people


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