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Fundamentals of Neuropsychological Assessment in Older Adults: the art of making skilled judgements

Friday 23rd October 2015 at The Holiday Inn, Bristol City Centre

Workshop overview

Various national CPD single and multi-day events address the neuropsychology of different dementias. However these events rarely look “under the bonnet” of neuropsychology to address the key issues and controversies that need to be considered in making a skilled judgement about what someone’s performance at assessment might mean. This event aims to fill this gap, and in doing so help older adult psychologists make well-informed judgements and understand the limits of neuropsychology in contributing to differential diagnosis.

The speakers at this event are experts in their fields and teach on the Bristol MSc/PgDip in Clinical Neuropsychology. Martin Bunnage will cover key issues in psychometrics. Rupert Noad will present on a qualitative approach to bedside cognitive testing. Information from the presentations will be consolidated through experiential exercises and worked examples.

The event is aimed at psychologists who have varying levels of confidence about the fundamental principles of neuropsychology. However attendees are expected to have a basic level of knowledge around biopsychosocial factors involved in Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

Many older adult psychologists conduct neuropsychological assessments within their routine practice. The majority of these psychologists do not complete the MSc/PgDip in Clinical Neuropsychology and have varying levels of confidence in the area. Whilst various CPD events cover the neuropsychology of different dementias, they do not address the complexities underpinning neuropsychological assessment itself. This event would help individual clinicians develop their confidence in making sophisticated and justifiable judgements based on neuropsychological assessments. Accurately diagnosing dementia has important implications for the individual (e.g. the care they can access, whether they continue to drive) and for society (e.g. identifying potential research participants).

Presentation Downloads

The presentations delivered on the day are available here:
Psychometric principles of diagnosis - Dr Martin Bunnage
Psychometric principles of screening - Dr Martin Bunnage

Dr Rupert Noad - Bedside cognitive assessment and formulation in dementia

Learning outcomes and objectives:

  • Be able to identify when a person's performance at assessment is statistically and clinically significantly below the level one would expect
  • Understand key issues in psychometrics
  • Be aware of ways in which psychometrics may be misapplied
  • Gain further knowledge of how to draw on qualitative approaches to assessment
  • Integrate quantitative and qualitative assessments to reach a biopsychosocial formulation

Who is the workshop intended for?

The workshop is intended for qualified clinical psychologists who use neuropsychological assessments in their work with older adults. Whilst we anticipate attendees will have varying levels of confidence around the fundamentals of neuropsychological assessment, attendees are expected to have a basic level of knowledge about the biopsychosocial factors involved in Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

The event aims to improve clinicians understanding of the factors they need to consider in interpreting the results of neuropsychological assessments they carry out. This will improve the quality of clinicians’ practice and increase the likelihood of the team’s they work within reaching accurate diagnoses for the clients they see.

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Friday 23rd October 2015

Please note that this day starts slightly earlier and finishes slightly later than many CPD days to allow enough time to cover the material.

09:15Psychometric principles of diagnosis - Dr Martin Bunnage
11:15Refreshment Break
11:30Psychometric principles of screening - Dr Martin Bunnage
14:15Bedside cognitive assessment and formulation in dementia - Dr Rupert Noad

Speakers and Facilitators

Dr Martin Bunnage

Dr Bunnage is a Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist specialising in adult neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation / treatment.

After completing his first degree in Psychology at the University of Bristol he went to Melbourne University, Australia, to train in Clinical Neuropsychology. Upon his return he further completed a PhD in the neuropsychology of surgical treatments for Parkinson’s disease.

He has been a Clinical Neuropsychologist at North Bristol NHS Trust since 2002 and became Consultant in 2007. He is on the British Psychological Society’s Specialist Register of Clinical Neuropsychologists.

Currently he divides his time between his NHS work at Southmead Hospital, research and teaching at the University of Bristol, where he is the Clinical Director of post-doctoral training in Clinical Neuropsychology, and private practice.

Dr Rupert Noad

Dr Rupert Noad is a Consultant Neuropsychologist and Head of Neuropsychology at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth. He graduated from the Oxford Doctoral Clinical Psychology training course in 2002 and completed the British Psychological Society’s Qualification in Neuropsychology in 2008. He is on the Specialist Register of Clinical Neuropsychologists.

Dr Noad has a clinical interest in early onset dementia and Huntington’s disease. He works within the Peninsula Huntington’s disease specialist multi-disciplinary clinic. His research interests are cognition, dementia, Huntington’s Disease and, in particular, developing new computerised measures of cognition. He leads the Plymouth and Cornwall sites for ENROLL-HD, the worldwide disease registry and longitudinal cohort study for individuals with HD. He is co-lead of NeuroCoRe (Neuro Cognitive Research Centre) at Plymouth University. He co-lead the development of ACEmobile, a new free iPad based version of the Addenbrooks Cognitive Examination III for assessing cognitive impairment in dementia and Huntington’s disease (


Holiday Inn, Bristol City Centre

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