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Using solution focus coaching to accelerate performance and development

Friday 24th October 2014 at Friends House, London

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This workshop will enable new and experienced coaches to integrate solution-focused techniques with their existing practice, equipping them to respond to a range of situations with questions that generate new thinking in minimal time. Our coaching clients need to perform within the dynamic system of their organization. Therefore our coaching has to have the same dynamic ability to shift and respond – a solution focused approach helps us do this.

This workshop is highly relevant for coaches working with individuals and teams, and particularly benefits those coaches operating in environments where time is limited to provide support.

Learning outcomes and objectives:

  • Differentiate solution-focus from problem-focus approaches

  • Understand the SIMPLE principles of SF coaching

  • Use the OSKAR model of coaching

  • Explore the extent to which differing coaching questions generate new thinking

  • Reduce coaching time and formality using SF "shortcuts"
  • Drawing on theory from the fields of organisational change and complexity, cognitive psychology, and appreciative enquiry, solution-focus coaching helps deliberately reframe problems to generate new thinking.

    The initial theory will be presented by the facilitators, but workshop participants will have the opportunity to experience the techniques via real learning activities throughout the day. The facilitators are happy to adapt to the participants needs during the day, but aim to incorporate demonstration, group discussion, individual reflection and paired practice sessions to appreciate how solution focus coaching techniques can be applied.

    The workshop will focus on practically using solution focus techniques, but will encourage discussion on using these techniques alongside existing coaching models and skills. It all about focusing on what works, and doing more of it!

    The workshop offers a taste of the questioning skills employed in brief therapy, therefore will also appeal to practitioner psychologists working in clinic settings as well as coaches.


    Friday 24th October 2014

    09:30Registration and refreshments
    12:30Lunch (provided)

    Speakers and Facilitators


    Dr Vikki Powell

    Has been coaching for 15 years and uses coaching in both clinical and corporate settings.. As a psychologist working for an NHS specialist eating disorder unit and as an executive coaching for private and public sector organisations, she integrates a range of psychology and coaching interventions to meet needs of a diverse client base.

    Colin Coombs

    Uses Solutions Focus as a flexible framework for helping people to clarify their picture of the future and identify manageable steps to get there. He has led learning and development at Tate gallery for 10 years, where he integrated a coaching approach into management and leadership. He is also a freeelance leadership coach working with a wide range of clients.


    Friends House

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