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Military Veterans: Transition from Military to civilian life

Wednesday 18th March 2015 at Imperial War Museum, The Quays, Manchester

At a time when the UK’s military commitments overseas are being scaled down
and the size of our armed services is being significantly reduced, the impact on
serving military personnel has yet to be assessed. Military life provides individuals
with security, purpose, a sense of identity and an extensive support network. The
transition from military to civilian life removes much of this and leaves a vacuum
that may, in some cases, be filled pathologically. Pre-existing mental health issues
associated with military service and/or from before enlistment may compound
these problems. This conference will examine the transition process from a
psychological perspective, identifying a range of problems faced by military
personnel, discussing possible solutions, and making recommendations to help
mitigate the impact of transition.
This event will be particularly interesting to practitioners engaged in working with
ex-military personnel and their families, as well as academics interested in trauma,
transition and coping.

Who is the course intended for?

Psychologists and health professionals interested in the psychological problems faced by military personnel transiting from military back into civilian life.

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Wednesday 18th March 2015

09:00Registration and Refreshments
09:15Welcome - Prof William Yule
09:30Civvy Street (film) - Peter Carruthers
09:45Irregular Transitions - Prof Jamie Hacker Hughes
10:15The journey less travelled - how education can help in the transition process - Dr Celia Hynes
10:45Refreshment Break
11:15Emerging themes from a psychological treatment provider perspective - Dr Alan Barrett
11:45From Hell to Home: They cured Shellshock, so why not PTSD? - Dr John Durkin
12:15Lunch and time to visit IWM and Media City
13:30"Fall Out" (Film) - Peter Carruthers
14:00Start in Salford and its work with veterans - Bernadette Conlon
14:30Refreshment Break
15:00Virtual Reality exposure therapy to treat PTSD in war veterans - Prof David Roberts
15:30Trauma and Psychosocial Functioning: Exploring the Link between PTSD and Maladaptive Patterns of Social Functioning in Ex-Military Personnel - Stevie-Louise McGuinness
16:00Q & A to speakers - Dr Peter Eachus

Speakers and Facilitators

Prof Jamie Hacker Hughes

Clinical Psychologist, CBT Therapist and EMDR Consultant, Former Head of MoD Clinical Psychology and Founder Director of the Veterans and Families Institute, Anglia Ruskin University

Professor William Yule

Emeritus Professor of Applied Child Psychology. Chair of BPS Crisis, Disaster and Trauma
Psychology Section. Founder member of Children and War Foundation.

Dr Celia Hynes

Senior Lecturer. Project Lead for the service personnel transition programme.

Dr Alan Barrett

Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Lead for the north west’s Military Veterans
Psychological Therapies Service. Member of the National Armed Forces Mental Health
Clinical Reference Group.

Dr John Durkin

Fellow of the Institute of Mental Health, Nottingham
A psychologist specialising in crisis intervention, trauma-resolution and post-traumatic
growth. Co-founder of the BeTr Foundation. Director of Being Transformed Ltd.

Bernadette Conlon

Founder and CEO of Start in Salford. Start in Salford exists to nurture talents and bring
about a newfound confidence in those who feel isolated or excluded.

Mr Peter Caruthers

Actor, writer and filmmaker behind Civvy Street and Fallout, films that deal with the
problems faced by military personnel and their families during transition to civilian life.

Professor David Roberts

Professor of telepresence at University of Salford and a specialist in Virtual Reality
Exposure Therapy (VRET) and its use in the treatment of PTSD.

Ms Stevie-Louise McGuinness

Crisis, Disaster and Trauma Section representative on the Psychology Postgraduate
Affairs Group (PsyPAG). Member of Crisis, Disaster and Trauma Section Committee.
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