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Keeping Spirit Alive in Times of Change

Friday 23rd May 2014 - Saturday 24th May 2014

Keeping Spirit Alive in Times of Change; Compassion, Connectedness and Community

Day 1: The Work that Reconnects. Sabrina Piergrossi and Jenny MacKewn

The Work that Reconnects is an experiential, spiralling practice that is focussed, inspiring and sustaining. It was originated by Joanna Macy and developed by many practitioners worldwide, including our workshop leaders, Jenny Mackewn and Sabrina Piergrossi. Dr Sabrina Piergrossi specialises in the application of mindfulness and energy psychology approaches to complex trauma. Jenny Mackewn is a creative catalyst, leader, trainer, coach and author who leads a masters programme in transformative leadership and facilitation.

Day 2: The Transpersonal gardener: how gardening cultivates transpersonal experiences and sensibilities. Stuart Whomsley

We will consider the effects of gardening on mind and body together with the perennial messages of gardening. A comparison will be made between ‘regular gardening' and ‘transpersonal gardening'. There will also be a comparison between gardening in a process orientated transpersonal way and creating gardens to represent and encourage transpersonal experiences. It is hoped that this will provide ideas to enhance attendees gardening experiences in transpersonal ways. Dr Stuart Whomsley is a clinical psychologist and gardener

Working with Tamil refugees and asylum seekers using compassionate meditations and visualisations. Meera Bahu

This session demonstrates the adaptation of CBT for the Tamil community They suffered long-term war and violence in Sri Lanka and after a recent violent conflict in 2009, many Tamils fled to different countries and number of them came to UK. We explore the integration of Tamil Chakra healing systems and CBT. Key points are:

The Tamil community's response to collective trauma and establishing relationships with wider communities to cope with this.
Culturally adapted interventions to address the traumatic experiences in a group context to promote self-healing.
Group compassionate meditations and visualisations to re-connect with the self and others to reclaim life and promote post- traumatic growth.
Meera is a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist with a Psychological

Therapies & Wellbeing Service in London

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Friday 23rd May 2014

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Saturday 24th May 2014

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