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Using What Works: Building Resilience in New Addiction Approaches

Friday 15 September 2017 at BPS Leicester Offices

People who misuse substances do so in many contexts, which themselves powerfully influence recovery. This conference is about how clinical and community psychologists can reach beyond traditional substance misuse service boundaries into the settings where people present. Resilience is a key factor in recovery, however that recovery is defined. Building resilience within social contexts such as family, place and community requires us to look beyond traditional approaches to develop flexibility and innovation in how we work.


Adam Burley Adverse childhood experiences have been shown to be a hugely significant factor in understanding the development of later life difficulties such as physical, mental and addiction problems. Psychologically informed approaches acknowledge this fact and seek to address the developmental and relational difficulties that are associated with early adversity, in an effort to counterbalance the focus that is often placed by services on presenting symptoms. This talk will seek to explore some of these issues through the lens of work with individuals experiencing multiple exclusion homelessness.

Carl Harris In this presentation we will examine the question "What are the implications of austerity for those who experience addiction and for those who work in addiction services? How does community psychology help us understand these developments and what recommendations could it make for the future?"

Dr Gordon Morse As statutory and non-statutory services face increasing budgetary challenges, how can we work most effectively with GPs to build resilience and effective working with drug and alcohol users? Dr Morse talks from a number of perspectives: GP, Medical Director of a non-statutory treatment service and Member of the Recovery Orientated Drug Treatment Expert Group.

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Friday 15th September 2017

This event will run between 09:30 – 16.30 further information to follow

10:00Welcome and overview of the day
10:15Dr Gordon Morse – Building Resilience in General Practice
11:00Carl Harris – Resilience from a Community Psychology Perspective
12:00Lunch and poster presentations
13:00Henry Maybury – A Family Member’s Perspective
13:30Dr Adam Burley – Psychologically Informed Environments and Homelessness
14:30Refreshment Break
14:45Prof Alex Coppello – Social Behaviour and Network Therapy with Young People
15:45Panel discussion with speakers
16:15Final thoughts
16:30Conference close


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