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East Midlands Training Providers Conference

Venue: East Midlands Conference Centre
Date: Tuesday 28th April 2009



EM+ is the East Midlands provider network.  It is made up of the five county provider networks, The Derbyshire Network, The Nottinghamshire Training Network, Lincolnshire and Rutland Work Based Academy (Lincolnshire), LANTERN (Leicestershire) and Northamptonshire Training and Development Partnership.  It’s Board is drawn from the Chairs and another Director from each Network.
EM+ was formed last year to give the sub regional networks a vehicle to talk to all the funding bodies on a regional basis with a single and coherent voice.  This has proved to be successful and the Learning and Skills Council in particular have taken advantage of being able to talk to one body representing all training providers in the region.

The Directors of EM+ believe that now is a good time to bring together all the providers to a conference to hear the latest position on some of the great topics of our time including, of course, the Machinery of Government changes and the immediate plans for the Learning and Skills Council.

The is the first time that an event like this has taken place, it is an excellent opportunity to bring yourself up to date with what is going on and network with other providers and share some best practice. 
I know that you will want to attend and urge you to book your places now to avoid disappointment.


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