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A clear idea of innovation: A practical approach to being creative and making sure your ideas stick

Venue: Royal York Hotel
Date: Wednesday 12th June 2013


This event has been cancelled.

The workshop draws together extensive research and practical experience to provide participants with a simple, systematic process (CLEAR IDEA©) for creatively generating and implementing solutions to challenges at work. The training is based on the work of the Economic and Social Research Council's Centre for Organization and Innovation (COI) based at the University of Sheffield. During its 10-year history, COI researchers studied hundreds of private and public sector organizations to identify the major facilitators and inhibitors of innovative solutions. The CLEAR IDEAS model has been created as a way of transferring our research findings into practice.

This approach has been developed over five years through working with collaborators such as Tetra Pak, the BBC, Seams Ltd, Rolls-Royce Engines, the NHS, Sheffield City Council, SYP Police, SYP Fire and Rescue and the former Department of Trade and Industry. Evidence of impact from past workshops shows that using the CLEAR IDEAS approach can really help participants to maximize organizational outcomes and enhance value for money in service provision. 

The workshop will introduce a range of tools and techniques for analyzing opportunities and generating highly creative solutions, with guidelines on how to effectively implement those innovative approaches in the workplace. The workshop will involve small groups of participants working on important work-related problems they have already identified in advance. The full-day workshop will be conducted to introduce the CLEAR IDEAS methodology and techniques, with a particular focus on developing analytic and creative thinking techniques.

The course is intended to be open to anyone and no previous specialist knowledge is required. Delegates will be asked to bring with them a work related issue that they would like to work on during the workshop.

Learning outcomes and objectives - By the end of the full-day training course, participants will:

- be able to explain a systematic process for generating, choosing and implementing new creative solutions 
- be able to use analytic thinking techniques to identify major causes and effects underlying situations
- be able to use a variety of creative thinking techniques to generate large numbers of ideas
- understand how to select the best ideas generated using systematic principles
- be able to identify key strategies for implanting new ideas

Facilitator: Dr Kamal Birdi CPsychol

This event has been cancelled. If you have any queries please contact us via the event hotline on 01332 224505.


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