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An introduction to sleep

Venue: BPS Offices, Tabernacle Street, London
Date: Monday 25th March 2013


An introduction to sleep: Psychobehavioural assessment and treatment strategies for people with insomnia

The course will begin with an introduction to the science of sleep and then go on to described the various types of insomnia, backed up by use of case examples; before introducing a range of assessment and treatment options.  The course aims to: raise awareness about sleep and sleeping problems in various client-groups; inform participants about the various issues that accompany insomnia; and provide them with a range of skills including an introduction to assessment approaches and various treatment options that have proven efficacy.

Participants will then be able to recognise the presence and importance of sleep disturbances in their various clients, and also provide them with some initial strategies to manage their client's sleeping problems more effectively - broadening their skill and knowledge-base, and leading to more effective therapeutic outcomes for their clients.

This workshop is intended for all psychologists who work with clients who may be experiencing sleep problems.  This will inevitably involve psychologists across all disciplines.  The course presents case examples across a range of clients from those who have experienced trauma, those with depression and anxiety, paediatric and geriatric populations, as well as normal groups and those presenting primarily with idiopathic insomnia.  Other case examples include: people with dementia, carers, people with acquired brain injury, people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, REM sleep Behaviour disorder, Night terrors, and alcoholism.

Learning outcomes and objectives:
- Participants will gain insight and understanding in to the structure and organisation of sleep
- Participants will understand and recognise normal changes to sleep with advancing age
- Participants will appreciate the importance of psychological, behavioural and environmental factors in good and poor quality sleep
- Participants will be able to recognise the various types of insomnia
- Participants will be able to apply basic assessment and treatment interventions for clients presenting with sleeping problems

Facilitator: Dr David Lee CPsychol AFBPsS

If you wish to register for this event please complete the online booking form. If you have any queries please contact us via the event hotline on 01332 224505.


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