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Victim Impact Assessment

Date: Wednesday 1st May 2013



Victim Impact Assessment - Promoting Mental Health Recovery While Tackling Crime

Examining Models of Assessing Victims in Order to Treat Them Effectively

This workshop will present an overview of global practice in 'victim impact assessment'. There will be a presentation of meta-analyses to date about tools to assess victim presentation and it will cover recommended tools for assessment. Delegate will consider the fundamentals of assessment tool implementation, training requirements and application for public institutions such as courts and insurance companies, and look at future trends and monitoring progress in the area.

The family law courts utilise forensic psychologist's expertise on a number of fronts. These include the assessment of parental capacity, reporting on the risk of family members causing harm to children and analysing the presentation of children to assess the likelihood of harm having occurred. This workshop presents material on preparing testimony for the family law court with respect to personal planning as well as facilitating victims ability to cope with giving evidence.

This workshop will be of interest to Chartered Psychologists and trainee psychologists from clinical and forensic backgrounds. It is intended for those who work with offenders who have also been the victim of crime and those who give testimony about victim presentation.

Learning outcomes and objectives:

 - Awareness of what constitutes ‘victim impact assessment'.
 - Learning about current models of assessment.
 - Insight with respect to global best practice.
 - Knowledge about how to use ‘victim impact assessment' to treat with more efficacy.
 - Enhance future research in this area.

Facilitator: Dr. Ian Gargan, CPsychol

If you have any queries please contact us via the event hotline on 01332 224506.


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