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Best Practice in Employee Well-Being: Helping to cope in adversity

Venue: BPS Offices, Tabernacle Street, London
Date: Wednesday 24th April 2013


This workshop has been designed for professional psychologists who find that there is some expectation of them either from colleagues or managers to provide staff support services beyond their prescribed job role. This may be from colleagues approaching them for advice or managers asking for input into service redesign or development. The workshop will equip participants with a good underpinning about the evidence base as it relates to well-being and performance, national best practice guidance and also evidence based interventions. It will give insights into ways in which services can measure workplace well-being and will include an outline and critique of the HSE recommended approach to measuring and managing workplace stress. 

Taking on this staff support role either formally or informally can pose dilemmas for psychologists regarding neutrality, confidentiality and boundary issues and there will be opportunities throughout the workshop to debate this. Practical exercises will support participants to reflect on how the knowledge applies to their own work environments and this in turn will enable the facilitator to make sure the content can be adapted to some extent to participants' needs.

The final workshop session will give participants practical information about a range of resources that are now available for organisations to access in order to support their staff, many of them free to use. It may be that the workshop will also give participants insights into how they might improve their own workplace well-being but this is not the primary function of the workshop.

This workshop is intended for any psychologist who functions in a  team work environment. Typically colleagues are likely to approach a psychologist about workplace stress and well-being issues simply because of their profession and the likelihood that they will be able to provide advice and guidance. Certainly in the NHS psychologist employed to deliver services for patients are often asked to deliver support for staff. This workshop aims to give psychologists up to date information about employee well-being, an appreciation of what may be helpful and knowledge of the many free to access resources that are available to help. Of course the participants may also find the workshop beneficial for themselves at a personal level but this is not the primary aim.

Learning outcomes and objectives:
- knowledge of the research on well-being and performance, and national advice and guidance on well-being at work
- ability to undertake a brief assessment of workplace well-being
- appreciate the pros and cons of the HSE approach to workplace stress and boundary issues
- knowledge of practical ideas and resources that will promote well-being
- appreciation of the dilemmas facing psychologists who assume this role

Facilitator: Dr Jan Hill-Tout CPsychol AFBPsS

If you wish to register for this event please complete the online booking form. If you have any queries please contact us via the event hotline on 01332 224507.


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