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Using narrative therapy to enable children, families and professionals to...

Venue: BPS Offices, Tabernacle Street, London
Date: Monday 25th February 2013



Using narrative therapy to enable children, families and professionals to seek what is important in their lives

This workshop offers an introduction to externalisation, a way of creating separation between the person and the ‘problem', and provide an approach to structuring conversations, which connect people with what is important to them in their lives. The workshop will include examples from professional practice to illustrate the application of narrative therapy to work within educational psychology.

Narrative therapy is a respectful non-blaming approach to therapy, which seeks to centre people as experts in their own lives. One of the key principles of narrative therapy is that skills and knowledges of living are not located internally, inside people's identities, but are instead the products of history and culture. There is always context in which stories of our lives are formed. This context contributes to the interpretations and meanings we give to events.

This workshop offers the opportunity to consider this story metaphor in therapy. Lives are seen as multi-storied and by reflecting on how stories fit with what is of value to individuals, re-storying can begin to re-shape lives.  This is particularly significant for those individuals where the dominant story is a negative one.

Pre-course work
Participants may be interested in reading the first two chapters  in ‘What is Narrative Therapy ‘ by Alice Morgan (ISBN0957792905).

Target audience
Psychologists who are working with children, young people, families and schools and particularly those working within education

Learning outcomes and objectives:

Participants will:
- Be given an introduction to narrative therapy
- Explore significant principles that inform narrative therapy
- Consider how narrative practices could be part of professional practice
- Be provided with an introduction to re-storying and externalisation
- Be given a starting point for further exploration of narrative therapy

Facilitator: Dr Charmian Hobbs CPsychol AFBPsS

If you have any queries please contact us via the event hotline on 01332 224507.


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