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The Psychological Wellbeing of Serving Military Personnel and Veterans

Venue: Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
Date: Thursday 15th November 2012


The well-being of our military personnel has never had such prominence and the Wessex Branch of the BPS is pleased to announce a one day conference focusing on these issues. Some time ago, the Branch became aware of how much work was being undertaken in different areas by of a variety of organisations and independent practitioners within its geographical area. The Wessex Branch therefore saw an opportunity and need to share and develop understanding of key psychological applications and interventions that can be used to support the wellbeing of military personnel pre, during and post deployment and veterans thereafter.

A key aspect of the conference is that it is cross disciplinary and will be of interest not only to clinical, counselling, health and occupational psychologists but also military personnel and  civilians working closely with the military e.g. the NHS, charities, emergency & prison services.

There will be three themes to the day, each of which will be chaired by a prominent specialist within the relevant area:

Theme 1: Psychological wellbeing - Training & Workplace Support
What interventions  are being made to ensure that personnel are best equipped to maintain performance in challenging situations?  

Theme 2: Psychological wellbeing - Serving Military personnel
What psychological interventions can be made during deployment and what other psychological factors affect behaviour in theatre?
Theme 3: Psychological wellbeing - Veterans
Inevitably, veterans continue to need support long after they have left the Services, what lessons have been learnt?

We are delighted to welcome Professor Simon Wessely who will give the keynote address, a leading figure in various aspects of military health and is director of the Kings Centre for Military Health Research Unit, King's College London. Professor Wessely is joined by several other leading practitioners (please see programme) and the day will conclude with a personal reflection from Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Dr Margaret Evison, providing the link for the proposed 2013 conference which will include a focus on military families and the Territorial Army. 

If you have any queries please contact us via the event hotline on 01332 227775.



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