KC-Jones Event

Clinical Psychologists, the Leaders of the Future?

Venue: BPS Offices, Tabernacle Street, London
Date: Wednesday 25th July 2012


Mary John
Programme Director PsychD Clinical Psychology Training Programme and University Lead for IAPT Training University of Surrey and Clinical Research Fellow Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

Abstract: Nicholson said in April 2012. The ethos is simple. NHS success is dependent on great leadership right across the service, across clinicians and managers. Great leaders create working climates where people working with them feel engaged, empowered and satisfied. The talk will deconstruct this statement and will address what leadership means at the various frontiers and will reflect on the role of an individual psychologist, their personal and professional qualities and how this can contribute to an organisations success.
Richard Pemberton
Consultant Clinical Psychologist, UK Chair of the Division of Clinical Psychology and Hon Research Fellow at the University of Brighton.

The New Psychology of Leadership - Psychologists as Leaders. Identity, Influence and Power?

This talk will reflect on the leadership challenges facing Clinical Psychologists in this time of austerity. Through the lens of Haslam Reicher and Platow's recent book 'The New Psychology of Leadership' (Psychology Press 2011), and the Clinical Division and NHS leadership frameworks, the talk will attempt to draw out key issues and ways forward.

Dr David Mushati
Registered Clinical Psychologist, Surrey & Borders Partnership NHS Trust

Abstract: Are managers and leaders the same? Can leadership be dispersed or shared within an organisation? Can one lead without authority? This presentation attempts to answer these questions by drawing from the myriad of theoretical perspectives on leadership. Mainly, the presentation will focus on self-leadership; challenging and encouraging budding Clinical Psychologists to use the skills they have already acquired to practice self-leadership effectively, in the context of a changing National Health Service (NHS). 

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