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Going Green Working Group Conference

Venue: BPS London office, Tabernacle Street
Date: Thursday 8th November 2012


The Going Green Working Group is proud to announce their forthcoming conference on Green Sustainability Initiatives in the workplace.  The event is open to members of the public and professionals from all fields. Professionals will learn about the latest psychological research and best corporate practices in being sustainable.

The conference is to focus on the impact of design on environmentally sustainable behaviour at work. Design at work takes many forms and these can have a positive or negative effect on environmentally sustainable behaviour at work. The conference will concentrate on examples of successful designs in:

Physical Design
How can the physical design of the workplace affect behaviour that leads to environmental sustainability? This could be as broad as the design of buildings or relate to the design of smaller physical elements such as workspaces or equipment.

Organisational Design
How can the way that organisations structure themselves, and align their structure with the strategy of the business, affect behaviour that leads to environmental sustainability?

Aspects of this could include changes to structure and strategy - on an organisational scale - or to developing the resilience of the organisation to deal with environmental issues.

Policy and procedure design
How can the design of policies and procedures lead to environmentally sustainable behaviour at work? This could relate to specific green policies, such as an Environmental Impact Policy or a Green Travel Policy, or the ‘greening' of policies and procedures such as recruitment or procurement.

If you wish to register for this event, being held on Thursday 8th November 2012 at BPS Offices, Tabernacle Street London, please complete the online booking form If you have any queries please contact us via the event hotline on 01332 224501.


Never been to the Going Green Conference before? Watch our short video to see what happened at last year's conference. See snippets from Cisco, Virgin Media, Legal & General, Professor Geoffrey Beattie and Jean Lambert Green MEP, click on the link below to watch this video.



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