KC-Jones Event

Conference to Promote Evidence Based Psychological Interventions

Venue: Surgeons' Hall, Edinburgh
Date: Tuesday 23rd October 2012


09.15  Registration and Coffee 
09.45  WELCOME 
  Judy Thomson and Belinda Hacking 
09.50  KEYNOTE SPEAKER - Professor Steve Pilling 
  The Relevance of Research to Clinical Practice 
10.15  KEYNOTE SPEAKER - Professor Tony Roth 
  Putting Evidence into Practise - Therapist Competence and Competence Frameworks 
10.40  KEYNOTE SPEAKER - Professor Kate Davidson 
  Developing the MATRIX for the Psychological Therapies Target 
11.05  Panel Discussion and Questions 
  CHAIR: Judy Thomson 
11.20  Coffee in Auditorium 
12.00  Professor Matthias Schwannauer 
  Making the Links between Theory and Practice: The Significance of Attachment in Psychological Treatment  
12.20  Professor Kevin Power 
  Developing Innovative Clinical Practice Based on Research 
12.40  Dr Belinda Hacking 
  Using Research to Change Oncologists Clinical Practice 
12.55  Panel Discussion and Questions 
  CHAIR: Frances Baty 
13.15  LUNCH 
  in Playfair Main Hall with Review of Posters 
14.30  Brenda Renz, Laura Freeman and Marita Brack
  Implementation Science and Application of Evidence Based Training 
  CHAIR - Geraldine Bienkowski 
15.30  Coffee in Auditorium 
  CHAIR for the afternoon - Belinda Hacking
16.00  John Macgill 
  Promoting Psychological Research in the Media 
16.15  In the hot seat - Jude Clarke 
  A Service User and Carer's Perspective of Psychological Therapy 
16.30  Political Impact - Michael Matheson,  MSP Minister for Public Health
  (Subject to Parliamentary Business) 
17.00  Close 

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