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CPD Workshop on Supervision

Venue: Glasgow Caledonian University
Date: Friday 24th February 2012


Dr Peter Martin, Chair of the Division of Counselling Psychology

I am proud to be Chair of the Division of Counselling Psychology. I was until very recently Principal Lecturer in Counselling Psychology at Roehampton University. I confess to liking students as indeed I do almost all of my clients.

I have been in practice delivering therapy for thirty years, but as a Counselling Psychologist since 2001 (Independent Route). I was also simultaneously a management consultant delivering many management courses.

Last year I took joy in delivering a day course in creative supervision at the Northern Ireland BPS branch in Enniskillen. I am very much looking forward to the workshop in Scotland because I am never happier than when I am with people I like, all of us learning together. I am interested in the continuing development of all applied psychologists through thoughtful adherence to professional standards, and through the process of radical reflexivity. It will be from that standpoint that we will conduct the workshop.

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