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Postgraduate Workshop ‘Researching The Work/Non-Work Interface’

Venue: BPS Offices, Tabernacle Street, London
Date: Friday 27th April 2012


09:00  Registration desk opens on 2nd Floor (refreshments served)

  Introduction & Welcome, Jurate Cingiene, PhD student at University of Bath,
  Work-Life Balance Working Group Member
10:10  Keynote talk: Mind the gap - work-life balance realities and practice 
   Dr. Almuth McDowall, Co-chair, Work-Life Balance Working Group

  Keynote talk: Broadening our horizons: capturing diversity and difference
  in work-life balance research 
   Prof. Gail Kinman, Co-chair, Work-Life Balance Working Group
11:30  Refreshment break on 2nd Floor
12:00  Keynote talk: Methodological fit in work-life balance research 
   Prof. Rob Briner, University of Bath




  Poster presentations on 2nd Floor
  1. Parents: A neglected factor in work-life balance research
  Chih-Ying Wu, Amanda Griffiths and Tom Cox, Institute of Work, Health &
  Organisations, University of Nottingham.
  2. Work-Family Conflict among Female Managers in Pakistani Banks: Prevalence,
  Antecedents and Consequences
  Rafia Faiz, Dr. Cynthia Forson, Dr. Moira Calveley, and
  Dr. Susan Grey, University of Hertfordshire
13:00  Lunch on 2nd Floor (Posters on view)
14:00  Postgraduate paper presentation: Individual effects of flexibility combinations: assessing
  the impact of offered and demanded flexibility on employee well-being
  Almudena Cañibano, London School of Economics and Political Science


  Postgraduate paper presentation: Maintaining Carer Equilibrium:  Exploring the
  Experiences of Female Multigenerational Carers
  Caroline J.  Moore, The Open University
14:40  Postgraduate paper presentation: The Work/Non-Work Interface: A systematic review
  of evidence at the individual level 
  Constanze Eib, Stockholm University and Almuth McDowall, University of Surrey
15:00  Postgraduate paper presentation: Performance Anxiety, Health and Well-being, and
  Recovery in Performing Artists
  Danica Giles, University of Tübingen, Germany,Almuth McDowall,
  University of Surrey, and René Ziegler, University of Tübingen, Germany
15:20  Postgraduate paper presentation: Interactions between Work and Non-Work
  Oyindamola Asekun, PhD student, King's College, London
15:40  Postgraduate paper presentation: Management of the Work-Home Interface and Health
  Behaviours among Working Men and Women: A Systematic Review with  Meta-Synthesis
  Sabrina Robinson, London Metropolitan University
16:00  A tentative way forward 
   Panel discussion and questions
17:00  Drinks (local pub: Blueberry Bar)

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