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Forensic Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (F-CAMHS): Everybody’s Business

Venue: Manchester Conference Centre
Date: Wednesday 2nd May 2012


The Forensic Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (F-CAMHS) Network, in conjunction with The British Psychological Society and the Royal College of Psychiatrists are pleased to announce the Inaugural F-CAMHS Network Conference.

The Conference aims to:
- Highlight the importance of Forensic CAMHS provision in addressing the needs of young people who display anti-social, high risk and/or offending behaviour.
- Generate renewed interest in a National, multi-disciplinary network of practitioners and stakeholders across the UK with a focus on supporting, enhancing and promoting forensic CAMHS practice and provision.
- Provide an opportunity for practitioners to develop skills and knowledge in relation to work within F-CAMHS settings (community, inpatient, secure/prison in-reach)
- Provide an opportunity for practitioners to share and discuss working environments, policy developments, practice examples and promising interventions.

The Conference would be of interest to: all those interested in the provision of mental health services for young people who display anti-social and high risk behaviour. This includes; NHS/social care/criminal justice commissioners, policy makers, CAMHS clinicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses and allied mental health professionals, youth offending workers, social workers, police, prison governors, SCH, STC & YOI staff, researchers.

Workshop & Seminar topics will include:
- Enhancing skills in effective risk assessment and risk management
- Development of specialist services for adolescents who display high risk and anti-social behaviour
- Developments in work with adolescents who display sexually harmful behaviour
- Working therapeutically with young people at risk of developing psychopathy

For more information on the submission process or to view the submission guidelines please visit the Submission Guidelines page.

If you wish to register for this event please complete the online booking form. If you have any queries please contact us via the event hotline on 01332 227771 or email: fcamhs@kc-jones.co.uk


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